Friday, February 18, 2022

Dane Watro Announces Candidacy for the 116th Legislative District

Dane Watro (R-McAdoo) has announced his candidacy for the 116th Pennsylvania House of Representatives District.

Watro, a life-long Republican, said, “Our state and country are at a crossroads and will require good people of courage, principle, and conviction to represent us. That is why I am running for the 116th District.” Watro cited that it is crucial to defend Pennsylvania through legislation on education, economic growth, infrastructure, immigration, reduction in crime and many other important issues we face here in Pennsylvania. Watro said “we must all stand behind our police and give them the proper funding and training. I cannot stress enough how we all must get behind and support the Thin Blue Line”

Watro has a history of serving his community and country. After graduating from Hazleton Area High School in 1995, he enlisted in the U.S. Army. Watro was stationed at the Korean Demilitarized Zone and later at Ft. Hood, Texas. While on active duty, he studied criminal justice at Central Texas College and worked with troubled youth at the Correctional Service Corporation.

After an honorable discharge from the Army, Watro returned to Pennsylvania. He served as a Drill Sergeant at a juvenile placement facility for youth under the judicial system and later as a Case Manager for Youth Services Agency, based out of the Keystone Job Corps. He oversaw the educational and vocational training of at-risk youth, coordinating with the Pennsylvania court system. Today, Watro acts as an Attendance-Truancy Officer for the Hazleton Area School District, and member of the Hazleton Area Education Association.

When Operation Iraqi Freedom began, Watro felt compelled to re-enlist to “help provide a secure life for his family and the American people,” he said. After training at Fort Dix, NJ, he deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, where he served until March 2005. During his tour, Watro was selected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be a part of the American unit guarding Saddam Hussein. Watro received commendations from the FBI for his part in combating international terrorism.

Watro also served as Mayor of McAdoo for 8 years, completing his service this past December. Watrosays he promised the residents of McAdoo that he would ensure that the McAdoo council would not raise McAdoo’s taxes during his term. Today, Watro is proud to report that there has been no increase in taxes since he took the office of McAdoo’s mayor. Watro stated, “roads were paved, new sidewalks throughout the entire Route 309 were installed, all without putting the burden on the taxpayers.” He empathized he has the courage to stand up for the people and respects their ideas and opinions.

Watro and his wife, Angela, a Hazleton Area School District teacher, said, “we are a family of true traditional family values, and will represent you with honor and pride.” Watro said he will always be here for you, and he looks forward to representing the people and continuing to serve as a public servant in the area where he grew up and chose to raise his two children. If elected Watro would represent Part of Luzerne County consisting of the City of Hazleton and the Township of Hazle and the Borough of West Hazleton and Part of Schuylkill County consisting of the Townships of East Union, Kline, Mahanoy, North Union and Union and the Boroughs of Mahanoy City, McAdoo, Ringtown, and Shenandoah. Total population: 63,945

Watro is the President of the Schuylkill County Concerned Citizens, a member of the (VFW) Veterans of Foreign Wars, the local Lions club, and AMVETS. He is Vice Chairman of the Kline Township Municipal Authority (Water co.) and serves on the Uniform Construction Code appeals board for the Borough of McAdoo. He is a former board member of the United Charities Inc. of Hazleton United Children’s Home and served as chairman of the McAdoo Borough Civil Service Commission, which screens applicants and makes recommendations for hiring Police Officers. He and his family are member of All Saints Church in McAdoo.

The new 116th Legislative District includes the Schuylkill County Municipalities of McAdoo, Ringtown, Sheppton, Oneida, Shenandoah, Mahanoy City, Mahanoy Township, Kline Township, North Union Township, Union Township, and East Union Township.

In Luzerne County, the new district includes the City of Hazleton, Hazle Township, and West Hazleton.