Thursday, March 17, 2022

Ashland Man Shoots and Kills Pit Bull to Save His Own Dog During Attack

An Ashland man shot an attacking pit bull on Wednesday evening to try and save his own dog.

According to Ashland Police Chief Gerard Daley, the incident occurred around 6:15pm in the 200 Block of Middle Street in the borough when a man was walking his small dog.

The man told police that a pit bull ran from a yard in the area and began attacking his dog.  He reportedly attempted to separate the two animals, but when he couldn't, he pulled out his pistol and shot and killed the pit bull.

No charges are expected to be charged against the man who fired the shot.  The investigation is still ongoing by Ashland Police and charges are expected to be filed against the owner of the pit bull.

The owner of the small dog took it to the veterinarian, but the dog had to be put to sleep due to its injuries suffered in the attack.

Chief Daley is reminding all Ashland residents to have their dogs licensed with all their correct paperwork, as well as up to date on shots.  Dog owners also need to obey leash laws.

Chief Daley says the advisement on dog licenses and laws comes after borough police have received several complaints and reports on dogs in the past several weeks.