Thursday, November 3, 2022

MEET THE SKOOK MARCHING BANDS: Blue Mountain High School Band

Blue Mountain High School Band

Next and final band in our series highlighting the Marching Bands from our Schuylkill County School Districts, we feature the marching band from Blue Mountain, directed by Chris Evans.

Number of Musicians: 58

Number of Band Front/Color Guard: 11

Makeup of Band: 7th Grade through 12th Grade

Band Staff:

The band is under the direction of Captain Chris Evans and his First Mate Tom Daugherty. Chrissy Beshaw instructs the guard how to raise the Jolly Roger while Jenna Foley and Kylan Fry orchestrate the percussive cannon fire. Zach Morrow and Holly Putlock assist with keeping the crew musically in line and their sea legs steady.

Evans has directed the band for the past 15 years and has 23 years total in directing.

The Marching Band's show for 2022 is "Pirates of the Caribbean" and features the songs “Fog Bound,” “The Medallion Calls,” “The Black Pearl,” “Blood Ritual,” “To The Pirate’s Cave,” “One Last Shot,” and “He’s a Pirate.”

Major Events Schedule for 2022: The band has played all the football games, participated in the Orwigsburg Halloween Parade, as well as the Conrad Weiser Cavalcade of Bands, Tournament of Bands Region 2 Championships.