Tuesday, January 31, 2023

PPL Addresses "Technical Issue" That Increased Bills

PPL Electric says they are working to correct billing issues that occurred because of a technical issue last month.

In the past couple weeks, many of you have been sending us your complaints after receiving your PPL bill that was doubled or even tripled the normal monthly amount.

You aren't allowed alone; a lot of their customers have been reporting the same thing.

Even when customers attempted to call the company about their bills, they waited hours to talk to somebody.

On Tuesday, PPL announced they are going to address the issue.

According to a PPL spokesperson, the company had a "technical issue caused customer meter data to be temporarily unavailable in the systems that generate bills and display customer usage data. Due to this, some customer bills sent from Dec. 20 through Jan. 9 were estimated bills, based on historical electricity usage that may have been higher or lower than actual usage."

It was also stated that "While the estimated billing issue and higher energy prices are unrelated, together they have fueled a sharp increase in customer calls, resulting in long wait times for many who have tried to contact us. We know our customers deserve better, and we are committed to taking action to best support their needs."

To help correct the issue, PPL says they will be doing the following:

  • fixed the technical issue that caused some bills to be based on estimated electricity usage.
  • restored the ability to view actual electricity usage on our website. 
  • made adjustments to impacted customer accounts so they only pay for the electricity they use. Customers have either received a corrected bill or will have an adjustment on their next bill.
  • waiving all late fees for January and February. Any fees charged in January will be credited to customer accounts. 
  • won’t shut off power for non-payment through March 31.
  • have added more agents at the call center to address questions faster.
  • continue to offer payment plans and assistance for customers who are struggling to pay their bill.
Customers should expect to see a letter in the mail shortly describing the same information.