Thursday, January 19, 2023

Wenrich Announces Intent to Run as Libertarian Candidate in 2024 Election for 29th Senatorial District

Libertarian candidate Eddie Wenrich has announced that he will be running for the 29th Senatorial District in the 2024 election.

Wenrich, of West Brunswick Township, Schuylkill County, is planning on running against incumbent Republican Senator Argall. 

"I'm running for State Senate because I believe that the people of Pennsylvania deserve a representative who truly cares about their well-being and their freedom," Wenrich said in a statement. "Senator Argall has proven time and time again that he puts the interests of special interest groups (Pfizer, J&J, Penn National Gaming, Monsanto, Fox Rothschild/Rothschild Family) all donors of his various campaigns, ahead of his constituents, and I believe it's time for a change." 

Wenrich, describes himself as a business owner and community leader.  He says he is a longtime advocate for individual liberty and small government and says he has been involved in various grassroots campaigns and has been devoted to libertarian causes. 

"I believe that the government's role should be limited to protecting the rights and freedoms of its citizens, and that individuals should be free to make their own choices as long as they do not harm others," Wenrich said.

"I will always put the needs of my constituents first, and I will never sell out to special interest losers." 

Wenrich says his campaign platform includes lower taxes, smaller government, and more individual freedom. He is confident that his message will resonate with voters and is eager to get to work for the people of Pennsylvania. 

"I'm excited to get out there and talk to the people of our state, to hear their concerns and to share my vision for a brighter, freer future," Wenrich said. "I believe that with the right leadership, we can build a better Pennsylvania for all of us."

Wenrich had previously ran as a Libertarian candidate for Governor in 2021.