Sunday, February 5, 2023

BOCCE BALL: North Schuylkill Wins at Home Over Mahanoy Area

On Friday, North Schuylkill held their home meet for Bocce Ball and squeaked by Mahanoy Area in both matches.

With the help of Special Olympics, Bocce Ball has become the Schuylkill County area's newest high school sport.

The game, which is a bowling style game, involves two teams of 7 rolling red or green colored balls toward a yellow ball called a jack or a pallino.

The teams try to roll their balls closest to the pallino.  Depending on how many balls are closest, that's how many points the team scores.  The team with the most points after playing for 30 minutes, wins the match.

During Friday's first match that included Mahanoy Area's team versus North Schuylkill's A Team, after 30 minutes, they were tied at 5 points each, which led to a one set playoff.

North Schuylkill would win the match 6-5.

During the second match that included Mahanoy Area facing off against North Schuylkill's B Team, the Spartans held the lead up until the final set 6-3.  The Bears pulled off and amazing comeback and scored 3 points to push the match into another overtime.

North Schuylkill was able to hold off Mahanoy Area again winning 7-5.

This match was North Schuylkill's final match of their season.  Mahanoy Area will host Hazleton Area on Wednesday at 4:00pm.