Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Tri-Valley Lions Club and Beltone Hearing Aid Center Join Forces to Gift the Gift of Hearing to Local Residents

The Tri-Valley Lions Club along with Beltone Hearing Aid Center of Hegins are pleased to announce their re-cycled hearing aid program. 

Recycled hearing aids that have been tested and refurbished by Beltone are being provided to residents of the Tri-Valley School District. Applicants must have a hearing aid need as evaluated by Beltone, and meet the financial criteria of the program to qualify.

The program consists of three visits by Beltone. The first appointment provides a hearing evaluation. The second appointment is the fitting of the recycled hearing aid, and the third appointment is a follow up appointment to assure everything is okay. All services are provided free of any charges.

The Tri-Valley Lions Club qualifies the recipients for the program and Beltone does the refurbishing of the hearing aids and provides any new accessories needed for the hearing aids. All services provided by Beltone and the Lions club are free.

Carl Dover, from Valley View, was the first recipient of the program's recycled hearing aids. During his follow up appointment, he was quoted as saying “He wants to let the Lions Club and Beltone know how much he appreciates everyone’s kindness and feels he is lucky he was chosen for this opportunity to hear sounds and words again. Thank you so much!”

The Lions club is in need of hearing aids that are no longer needed. They can be dropped off wherever the Tri-Valley Lions collects used eyeglasses, which are currently located at the Valley View Post Office and Redners Food Market, Hegins. They can also be deposited in the box located underneath the Lions mailbox at 535 East Main Street or given to any Tri-Valley Lions member.

Applications for the hearing aid program can be requested by sending an E-mail request to, writing to the Tri-Valley Lions at 535 East Main Street Hegins , Pa. or asking any Tri-Valley Lions member.

SUBMITTED PHOTO:  Tom Kroh, Tri-Valley Lions Club, Carl Dover, hearing aid recipient, and Sarah Lucht-Bennett, Hearing Care Practitioner. She is a 3rd generation owner with Beltone for 27 years with 9 Locations in North East Pa.