Sunday, October 8, 2023

Shenandoah Valley Crowns Homecoming Queen

Shenandoah Valley crowned their 2023 Homecoming Queen, Friday night.

Competing for this year's crown were:
  • Shandianys Sanabria-Tapia escorted by Stephanie Coyle
  • Hannah DeAngelo escorted by Madison Wasser
  • Melanie Zamudio Gutierrez escorted by Ayden Zamudio
  • Olivia Wierzalis Shala escorted by Jacob Coolbaugh
  • Jubylie Cruz escorted by Xavier Chatman
  • Emily Petritsch escorted by Jesus Paniagua
  • Emma Aftuk escorted by Jake Matta
  • Ava Menjivar escorted by Gunner Taylor
  • Sitlali Medina-Chagolla escorted by Victor Velazquez
  • Kali O’Boyle escorted by Julianna Svrcek
  • Pamela Lugo Guzman escorted by John Silvestre Moronta.
After parading through the borough and arriving at the Stadium, Melanie Zamudio Gutierrez would be announced as this year's Queen.

Submitted Photos