Sunday, November 12, 2023

HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Williams Valley Vikings Emerge Victorious over Schuylkill Haven in District XI 2A Championship

On Saturday night, under the lights at North Schuylkill's Spartan Stadium, the Schuylkill Haven Hurricanes clashed with the Williams Valley Vikings in the District XI Class 2A High School Football Championship Game.

The Hurricanes, sporting a strong 9-2 record, entered the playoffs as the top seed, ready to prove their fortitude. On the other side, the Williams Valley Vikings, also standing at 9-2, were determined to snatch the championship title.

The game kicked off as Schuylkill Haven's Niko Carestia tore through the field for an impressive 76-yard run, setting up Aiden Myers to punch in a one-yard touchdown. The extra point by Grayson Fessler made it Schuylkill Haven 7, Williams Valley 0.

Williams Valley responded with a 43-yard bomb from quarterback Brady Shomper to Kian Kryzyzanowski, narrowing the gap to 7-6 after a blocked extra point.

Aiden Myers continued to shine for Schuylkill Haven, scoring again with an 8-yard run, followed by a successful extra point. As the first quarter ended, Schuylkill Haven led 14-6.

The second quarter was a back-and-forth battle. Williams Valley's Alex Achenbach bulldozed through the defense for a 12-yard touchdown run, but the failed 2-point conversion left them trailing 14-12.

A fumble by Schuylkill Haven led to a crucial turnover, and Williams Valley capitalized on the opportunity. Shomper connected with Blazer Lords for a 45-yard touchdown pass, securing a 20-14 lead after a successful 2-point conversion.

Schuylkill Haven's quarterback, Augusts Warke, responded with a 31-yard touchdown pass to Niko Castillo, putting them back on top at 21-20 just before halftime.

The seesaw continued into the third quarter. Schuylkill Haven's Shomper launched a 66-yard bomb to Leyden Hertz, tying the score at 28-28. However, Williams Valley's Achenbach powered through from the 1-yard line for another touchdown, bringing the Vikings ahead 34-28.

Niko Castillo answered for Schuylkill Haven with a 4-yard touchdown run, and the extra point gave them a narrow 35-34 lead at the end of the third quarter.

The fourth quarter, however, belonged to Williams Valley. On a daring 4th down attempt, a 30-yard reception by Kian Kryzyzanowski put the Vikings back in control at 42-35.

Achenbach sealed the victory with a spectacular 40-yard touchdown run, securing a 49-35 win for Williams Valley.

With this defeat, Schuylkill Haven ended their season with a commendable 9-3 record. Williams Valley, now standing at 10-2, proudly claimed the District XI Class 2A title and eagerly looked ahead to the PIAA Playoffs, where they will face Dunmore. The showdown is set to take place at Schuylkill Haven next Friday, with kickoff scheduled for 7:00 pm. 

Story/Photos/Video by J. Reed / Skook News