Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New Faces and Familiar Names Set to Ignite 2024 Season at Big Diamond Speedway

As Big Diamond Speedway gears up for the 2024 season, a roster of new and familiar faces in the Quandel Concrete Modified division promises to ignite Friday nights with high-octane excitement.
Among the notable additions are a former Big Diamond driver, three former Big Diamond crate sportsman drivers ascending to the next class, and a New Jersey driver who consistently impresses on the Schuylkill County dirt track.

One of the most recognizable names at Big Diamond Speedway is the Yankowski family. Steve Yankowski, a steadfast supporter of the speedway, sees his son, Alex Yankowski, returning as a former Open Sportsman champion and winner of prestigious races like the "Money in the Mountains" and "Jack Rich Coalcracker 72." This season, another Yankowski makes a triumphant return to Big Diamond as Frank Yankowski, a former track regular, steps back onto the dirt in the family-owned No. 127.

"After a couple of years away, I am looking forward to getting back to Big Diamond weekly, where in the past I had great success," said Frank Yankowski. "I loved the racing there, and I'm excited to bring a new energy with a Bicknell chassis and a new Murray engine. I would like to thank Steve and Jen Yankowski for putting me in great equipment, and my girlfriend Michelle for all her support. I also have some new and old crew members coming on board, and they are also excited to call Big Diamond home this season."

Another driver making waves in the modified division is Brandon Edgar, a 2022 Big Diamond USS Achey, Inc Crate Sportsman. Edgar, who impressed with a couple of standout performances last season, is set to become a regular in the 358 Modified division, marking Big Diamond as his home on Friday nights.

"I am looking forward to it; I thought our debut went better than expected at the end of last year," said Edgar. "It is a lot different than running sportsman. These guys don’t wait for something to happen; they make it happen. I will definitely have to be more aggressive than I have ever been before and get up on the wheel."

Mike Schneck, a familiar face in the USS Achey Crate Sportsman division, will be transitioning to the Quandel Concrete 358 division in 2024, driving the No. 22. Despite the steep learning curve, Schneck is eager to make his mark in the modified division.

"It’s going to be a huge learning curve, but I’ve seen some of the crate guys move up, qualify, and run well. I’m looking forward to 2024 already," expressed Schneck.

Matt Yoder, another former Big Diamond Crate Sportsman driver, is making the leap to the 358 modified division in 2024. Despite a challenging season last year, Yoder is determined to make a strong comeback and race weekly in the 358 division.

One more driver joining the Friday night lineup is Jack Butler from Phillipsburg, NJ. Having found success in his sporadic visits to Big Diamond in recent years, Butler is enthusiastic about running every Friday night in 2024.

The track is buzzing with excitement as these new drivers bring fresh energy to the 2024 season at Big Diamond Speedway, promising fans another thrilling year of modified racing. The action kicks off on Friday, April 12th, with the possibility of more seasoned drivers making Big Diamond Speedway their regular battleground this season.