Friday, December 29, 2023

Noah and Isabella Hold Top Spots in Lehigh Valley Health Network's 2023 Newborn Name Trends

In a trend that has spanned three consecutive years, Noah and Isabella continue to dominate the list of most popular names for newborn boys and girls at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) in 2023.

Leading the overall choices this year, Noah secured the top spot with 45 newborn males named, while Isabella claimed the most-chosen girls' name, selected by 32 parents as of mid-December.

Noah and Isabella have maintained their positions at the top of the new-baby names list at LVHN for several years. Notably, Noah secured the second spot last year, trailing behind Liam, while Isabella took the second position, following Charlotte. Oliver and Cameron emerged as other popular choices for boys, while Sophia and Olivia continued to be favored names for girls.

The national scene reflects a similar naming pattern, as Noah ascended to the top spot for boys, replacing Liam, according to Olivia claimed the No. 1 position, with Emma following closely as the second most popular girls' name nationally.

In a unique local naming trend potentially influenced by the success of the Philadelphia Phillies, 16 newborn girls were named Harper in 2023. This trend follows the previous year when Harper held the top spot for girls at Lehigh Valley Hospital Schuylkill–E. Norwegian Street. Additionally, seven families opted for the name Bryce for their sons, with 14 boys named Bryson, possibly inspired by Phillies player Bryson Stott.

Contrary to the national trend reported by, LVHN experienced a divergence in naming trends influenced by popular culture. While Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour" reportedly boosted names like Betty, Marjorie, Summer, and Ivy nationally, only Ivy gained popularity among newborns at LVHN, with nine instances. Hit movies also played a role, as names inspired by "Top Gun: Maverick" saw an increase, with 15 boys named Maverick across the network in 2023.

Despite the influence that hit movies can have on baby names, the "Barbie" movie did not impact the choices made by parents of newborn girls at LVHN in 2023. The name or variations of it did not make the cut among the newborns.