Wednesday, February 14, 2024

UPDATE: Over 12,000 Remain Without Power in Schuylkill County


As Schuylkill County residents continue to return to normal after Tuesday's snowstorm, over 12,000 households are still without power as of midday Wednesday. 

The storm, which concluded on Tuesday, left a trail of heavy, wet snow that blanketed power lines and trees, resulting in widespread outages affecting more than 30,000 homes across the county.

According to reports from PPL, various municipalities are still facing power disruptions. While efforts are underway to restore electricity, some areas are experiencing delays, with restoration expected to extend into Thursday.

The breakdown of affected areas as of noon on Wednesday is as follows:

Municipality Households
Auburn Borough 63
Barry Township 144
Blythe Township 161
Branch Township 308
Butler Township 305
Cass Township 121
Cressona Borough 84
East Brunswick Township 563
East Norwegian Township 636
East Union Township 31
Eldred Township 23
Foster Township 1
Hegins Township 172
Hubley Township 20
Minersville Borough 2
Mount Carbon Borough 57
North Manheim Township 469
North Union Township 43
Norwegian Township 259
Orwigsburg Borough 1
Palo Alto Borough 436
Pine Grove Township 1,151
Port Carbon Borough 1,929
Porter Township 616
Pottsville 96
Rush Township 14
Ryan Township 46
Schuylkill Township 878
South Manheim Township 1,913
Tamaqua Borough 344
Tremont Borough 4
Tremont Township 10
Union Township 124
Upper Mahantongo Township 112
Washington Township 523
Wayne Township 137
West Brunswick Township 375
West Penn Township 661

While the majority of areas are anticipated to regain power by the end of Wednesday, residents in some locations may face additional inconvenience as restoration efforts continue. The situation underscores the challenges posed by severe weather events and the importance of preparedness and resilience in communities affected by such conditions. Residents are advised to exercise caution and patience as utility crews work tirelessly to restore power to affected areas.