Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Schuylkill County First Responders Secure Over $1.6 Million in State Grants

This week, fire companies and EMS agencies across Schuylkill County have been awarded state grants totaling more than $1.6 million. 

The announcement of the funding was made by Sen. Dave Argall, Rep. JoAnne Stehr, Rep. Jamie Barton, and Rep. Tim Twardzik.

A total of 101 agencies within Schuylkill County have been selected to receive grant funding

The grants, awarded through the Fire Company and Emergency Medical Services Grant Program established by the General Assembly, will provide resources for upgrading facilities, obtaining new equipment, reducing debt, training personnel, and enhancing recruitment and retention efforts.

“I’m thankful so many local fire and EMS companies were awarded these highly competitive funds,” said Argall. “These grants are well-deserved and will help our brave first responders with their critically important and dangerous jobs.”


"This grant funding will provide vital support to the heroic first responders in our community," Stehr said. "Our dedicated firefighters and EMS personnel work tirelessly to keep our communities safe. They deserve the best equipment and training available.”


“I’ve met with many EMTs, paramedics and firefighters, and I know they stand ready to help the rest of us at a moment’s notice,” Barton said. “They’ve made it clear to me that in order for them to continue their brave service, they need help, so getting this funding to our first responders is important for everyone.”


"As an advocate for the safety and well-being of our communities, I am thrilled to hear about the substantial grant funding awarded to benefit our fire and EMS departments,” said Twardzik. “This funding will significantly bolster our first responders' capabilities, ensuring they have the necessary resources to continue performing their life-saving services. Our local emergency teams are looking for new volunteers so please contact your local firehouse or our district office to learn how you may be of assistance.”

DepartmentFire / EMSCityAwarded Amount
Alert Fire Company No 1FireSaint Clair$13,645.11
Altamont Fire Company Number 1FireFrackville$14,617.72
American Hose Co No 1FireTamaqua$16,951.99
American Hose Company 2FireMahanoy Plane$14,034.16
American Hose Company Number 2FirePottsville$28,395.81
Auburn Fire CompanyFireAuburn$13,061.55
Auburn Fire Company Ambulance ServiceEMSAuburn$15,000.00
Citizens Fire Co 2FireMahanoy City$15,006.77
Citizens Fire Co Palo AltoFirePottsville$14,228.68
Citizens Fire CompanyFireMiddleport$13,645.11
Citizens Fire Company BranchdaleFireBranchdale$13,645.11
Citizens Fire Company Num 1FireGordon$13,450.59
Citizens Fire Company Num 1FireTamaqua$15,784.85
Clover Fire CompanyFirePottsville$13,061.55
Coaldale Volunteer Fire Company No 1FireCoaldale$15,006.77
Columbia Hose Co No 2FireSaint Clair$13,645.11
Community Ambulance Service ClubEMSTower City$15,000.00
Community Fire Co New RinggoldFireNew Ringgold$13,645.11
Community Fire Company #1 of LandingvilleFireLandingville$13,450.59
Continental Hose Co #3FireGilberton$13,256.07
Cressona Fire Co No 1FireCressona$13,450.59
Deer Lake and West Brunswick Fire Company No 1FireOrwigsburg$15,201.29
Delano Fire Company No 1FireDelano$13,450.59
Donaldson Fire Company No 1FireDonaldson$13,256.07
East End Fire Company No 2 of Palo AltoFirePottsville$13,256.07
Frackville Community Ambulance AssociationEMSFrackville$15,000.00
Friedensburg Fire Co No 1FireFriedensburg$13,645.11
Friendship Fire Co Num 1 of Butler TownshipFireFrackville$29,951.99
Friendship Hose Co Num 1FireOrwigsburg$14,812.24
Girard Hose Company No 1FireGirardville$13,256.07
Good American Hose Company No 3FireMahanoy City$13,256.07
Good Intent Fire CompanyFireNew Philadelphia$12,000.00
Good Intent Fire Company No 1FirePottsville$15,000.00
Good Will Fire Co No 1 of MinersvilleFireMinersville$13,450.59
Good Will Fire Co No 1 of MinersvilleEMSMinersville$15,000.00
Good Will Hose Company No 1FireFrackville$14,812.24
Good Will Hose Company of CumbolaFireCumbola$13,256.07
Goodwill Fire Company No 1FirePort Carbon$16,368.42
Goodwill Fire Company No 4FirePottsville$13,839.63
Goodwill Hose CompanyFireCressona$13,256.07
Hegins Area Ambulance Association IncEMSValley View$15,000.00
Hegins Valley Fire RescueFireHegins$27,812.24
Heights Fire Company No 1FireShenandoah$13,256.07
Hometown Fire Company #1FireTamaqua$26,450.59
Humane Fire Company No 1FireMahanoy City$13,061.55
Humane Fire Company No 1 of PottsvilleFirePottsville$14,423.20
Joliett Volunteer Fire CompanyFireJoliett$13,061.55
Kaska Volunteer Fire CompanyFireNew Philadelphia$13,256.07
Klingerstown Fire Co No 1FireKlingerstown$14,423.20
Lavelle Volunteer Fire CompanyFireLavelle$13,450.59
Liberty Fire CompanyFireSchuylkill Haven$15,201.29
Mahantongo Valley Fire CompanyFirePitman$13,645.11
MarLin Citizens Hose CompanyFireMarLin$13,061.55
Mary D Fire Company IncFireMary D$26,645.11
McAdoo Fire Company IncFireMcAdoo$42,951.99
McAdoo Fire Company Inc & Ambulance AssociationEMSMcAdoo$15,000.00
Minersville Fire RescueFireMinersville$41,201.29
Mountaineer Hose Company FireMinersville$13,256.07
Muir Volunteer Fire Company No 1FireMuir$15,006.77
New England Fire Company Num 1FireTamaqua$15,590.33
New Minersville Fire CompanyFireMinersville$13,645.11
Newtown Volunteer Fire CompanyFireTremont$13,450.59
No 1 Emergency & Rescue SquadFireTamaqua$14,034.16
North End Fire CompanyFirePine Grove$16,951.99
Orwin Fire CompanyFireTower City$13,061.55
Penn Mahoning Ambulance Association IncEMSNew Ringgold$15,000.00
Phoenix Fire Company No 2FireShenandoah$13,839.63
Phoenix Fire Company No 2FirePottsville$13,839.63
Phoenix Hose Co No 4FirePottsville$13,061.55
Pine Grove Community Ambulance AssociationEMSPine Grove$10,000.00
Pine Grove Hose Hook and Ladder Co No 1FirePine Grove$14,812.24
Pottsville Area Emergency Medical Service IncEMSPottsville$30,000.00
Rainbow Hose Company Num 1FireSchuylkill Haven$13,450.59
Rangers Hose CompanyFireGirardville$15,784.85
Ravine Fire Company No 1FirePine Grove$15,000.00
Rescue Hook and Ladder Co No 1FireShenandoah$15,395.81
Rescue Hook and Ladder Fire Co No 3FireSaint Clair$13,450.59
Ringtown Valley Fire and Rescue CoFireRingtown $13,256.07
Ryan Township Emergency and Rescue Squad IncEMSBarnesville$10,000.00
Ryan Township Fire CoFireBarnesville$16,951.99
Sacramento Community Fire CompanyFireSacramento$15,395.81
Schuylkill Hose Company No 2FireSchuylkill Haven$15,201.29
Seltzer Hose CompanyFireSeltzer $13,061.55
Shenandoah Community Ambulance AssociationEMSShenandoah$45,000.00
Sheppton Oneida Volunteer Fire CoFireSheppton$14,228.68
South Cass Citizens Fire CompanyFirePottsville$26,061.55
South Ward Fire Company IncFireTamaqua$15,201.29
Tamaqua Community Ambulance Association IncEMSTamaqua$15,000.00
Tremont Area AmbulanceEMSTremont$15,000.00
Tremont Fire Company No 1FireTremont$15,006.77
Volunteer Fire Co No 1 of Tower CityFireTower City$13,061.55
Washington Fire Company Community AmbulanceEMSAshland$15,000.00
Washington Fire Company No 1FireAshland$15,784.85
Hook and Ladder No 1FireMahanoy City$14,228.68
West End Fire & RescueFireMahanoy City$15,201.29
West End Fire Company No 3FireTower City$13,061.55
West End Fire Cpny Num 1 of St ClairFireSaint Clair$13,256.07
West End Hose Company No 7FirePottsville$14,228.68
William Penn Fire Company No 1FireShenandoah$14,228.68
Yorkville Hose & Fire Co No 1FirePottsville$15,395.81