Thursday, April 25, 2024

Dustin's Adventureland Announces Plans to Install More All-Inclusive Playground Equipment Across Schuylkill County

This week, Dustin's Adventureland, a non-profit that built Schuylkill County's first all-inclusive playground in Minersville, announced plans to install equipment in another community.

Dustin's Adventureland, which was founded in 2020, successfully brought communities and organizations together to build an all-inclusive playground for children with special needs near the Minersville Recreation Complex. In September 2022, the group cut the ribbon and officially opened the park.

Now, a year and a half later, the group announced their next project and hope to continue to provide playgrounds for all children across Schuylkill County.

On April 8th, 2024, Palo Alto Borough unanimously voted in favor of becoming Dustin's Adventureland's first municipality to bring inclusive equipment to their beautiful Bacon Street Playground. 

Jeffrey Dunkel, Dustin’s Adventureland President, stated: “We as an organization are thrilled to be able to expand on our initial project and are planning to work in conjunction with municipalities to bring new equipment to their playgrounds which will allow those with special needs to be able to play alongside their friends and siblings”. 

Dunkel said, “We are thrilled to have Palo Alto Borough joining us and becoming the first of many municipalities to add equipment to their facility that will allow those with limitations to be able to enjoy a playground nearby”. 

“The Recreation Committee and Borough Council are very excited that we have been chosen by Dustin’s Adventureland as an extension of their project, making our Bacon Street playground an all-inclusive play area for our smallest residents. We look forward to helping with the fundraising and are hoping our residents will be as excited as we are and support all the upcoming events!” stated Joan Stevenosky Palo Alto Councilwoman and Recreation Committee Chairwoman. 

“Palo Alto Recreation Committee is excited to partner with Dustin’s Adventureland for their expansion project, Adventureland Access for All, into our Bacon Street Playground. We look forward to promoting inclusivity and acceptance for all in our community and surrounding areas!” Angela LaSelva, Palo Alto Recreation Committee President.

Dustin’s Adventureland hopes this initiative generates more interest from other municipalities and starts discussions to develop a game plan for their parks. 

The project in Palo Alto is expected to cost approximately $82,500 and it is planned to be completed by spring of 2026.  Dustin’s Adventureland is also offering the first $8,250 towards reaching the goal with the rest coming in way of fundraisers, donations and grants. 

As part of their fundraising efforts, Dustin's Adventureland already has the “Party in the Parking Lot” event scheduled for August 17th at Citizens Fire Co in Palo Alto.