Monday, April 15, 2024

John Zugarek Announces Candidacy for Senate District 29

John Zugarek, a longtime resident of White Haven and a member of the White Haven Borough Council, has officially declared his candidacy for the Pennsylvania Senate District 29. 

Zugarek is the lone Democrat on the Primary Ballot for Senate District 29.

His campaign aims to address the various concerns and aspirations of the district's residents.

In a press release from Zugarek, he says he has served on the White Haven Borough Council since 2018 and co-chaired the Anti-Tolling Committee, which advocated against tolling the I-80 bridge within the borough. Additionally, he serves on the police committee and is involved in the bicentennial committee.

Outside of his governmental roles, Zugarek is the president of the White Haven Lions Club.

Professionally, Zugarek is an instructor of history and geography at four regional colleges.

Zugarek says his decision to run for the Pennsylvania Senate District 29 stems from his concern for the difficulties facing local communities, including issues with education funding, essential service sustainability, and rural healthcare accessibility. He says he advocates for people-powered politics, prioritizing genuine conversations and constituent concerns over financial resources.

His candidacy offers the community a candidate who understands their struggles and is committed to positive change. Zugarek emphasizes the importance of public service and traditional values in his campaign platform.

Zugarek says “We need to focus on public service, the greater good, and doing the right thing. I believe we need a little bit more of these old-fashioned values today.”