Saturday, May 4, 2024

Schuylkill Technology Center Hosts Third Annual SkillsUSA Signing Day

On Thursday morning, the Schuylkill Technology Center held its third Annual SkillsUSA Signing Day Event at the STC North Campus in Frackville. 

The event marked a significant moment for the Class of 2024 Seniors as they formally committed to various pathways including employment agreements in their respective fields of study, enrollment in post-secondary technical training, or enlistment in a branch of the military.

Prior to the signing, the seniors were joined by local dignitaries that provided some encouragement as they move onto the next chapter in their lives which also included them to return or stay in Schuylkill County.

Speakers included Senator David Argall representing the 29th Legislative District, Representative Jamie Barton from the 124th Legislative District, Representative Tim Twardzik from the 123rd Legislative District, Representative Dane Watro from the 116th Legislative District, Schuylkill County Commissioners led by Gary Hess, Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce President Bob Carl, NEPA Manufacturers & Employers Association President Darlene Robbins.

All provided words of encouragement and asked them all to stay or return to Schuylkill Count once their schooling was complete.

STC South Campus SkillsUSA President Joel Williams and STC North Campus SkillsUSA President Van Caliendo closed the ceremony speaking to their fellow classmates.

Following the signing, a breakfast was held while awards were presented to the companies that were involved with the school's work coop program.

SkillsUSA, a dynamic organization comprising students, teachers, and industry partners, aims to enhance the quality of the nation's future skilled workforce. Through the cultivation of personal, workplace, and technical skills grounded in academics, SkillsUSA empowers individuals to excel in their chosen fields and contribute meaningfully to society.

Students participating in the signing day included:
  • Kylie Quintinsky (Minersville Area SD)
  • Jaicie Snyder (Blue Mountain SD)
  • Kole Laughlin (Blue Mountain SD)
  • Dylan Minnich (Blue Mountain SD)
  • Madison Munley (Pottsville Area SD)
  • Joseph Lagasse (Blue Mountain SD)
  • Ashley Polanco (Mahanoy Area SD)
  • Hoyt Schlegel (Pine Grove Area SD)
  • Kyle Brown (Pottsville Area SD)
  • David Smith Jr. (North Schuylkill SD)
  • Allech DeJesus (Mahanoy Area SD)
  • Samuel Koppenhaver (Williams Valley SD)
  • Victoria Kunstek (Pottsville Area SD)
  • Devin Nunemacher (Mahanoy Area SD)
  • Carolina Ruiz Reyna (Shenandoah Valley SD)
  • McKayla Tobin (Saint Clair Area SD)
  • Derick Ney (Pine Grove Area SD)
  • Matthew Coll (Mahanoy Area SD)
  • Kamrynn Carroll (Pottsville Area SD)
  • Zackary Wehry (North Schuylkill SD)
  • Vivian Ramos (Pottsville Area SD)
  • Joel Williams (North Schuylkill SD)
  • Peyton Merena (North Schuylkill SD)
  • Stephen Baker (Mahanoy Area SD)
  • Logan Betz (Blue Mountain SD)
  • Isabella Boyer (Tamaqua Area SD)
  • Julia Burgess (Minersville Area SD)
  • Natalie Davis (Blue Mountain SD)
  • Ashley Lake (Blue Mountain SD)
  • Espyn Schley (Tri-Valley SD)
  • Samantha Soriano (Mahanoy Area SD)
  • Kaiah Heisler (Tamaqua Area SD)
  • Danah Brozyno (Tamaqua Area SD)
  • Jordyn Moyer (Blue Mountain SD)
  • Braiden Fessler (Blue Mountain SD)
  • Conner Swartz (Schuylkill Haven Area SD)
  • Julie Ulrich (Pottsville Area SD)
  • Tessa Colna (Schuylkill Haven Area SD)
  • Kaniya Dumas (Pottsville Area SD)
  • Anthony DeBellis (Tamaqua Area SD)
  • Jayden Long (Minersville Area SD)
  • Jacob Lasko (Blue Mountain SD)
  • Nicholas DiBartolo (Tamaqua Area SD)
  • Aidan Moyer (Minersville Area SD)