Friday, August 30, 2013

Gilberton Borough Council Extends Kessler Suspension

During a special executive session of Gilberton Borough Council, they decided to extend Kessler's suspension until a disciplinary hearing could be held.

In the meeting, Gilberton Mayor Mary Lou Hannon read a letter provided by Kessler's attorney, and said

Schuylkill County High School Football Scores - 8/30/13

High School Football Scores - 8/30/13
Last Updated:  10:20PM

Blue Mountain 20 Conrad Weiser 48
Panther Valley 28 Mahanoy Area 51
Lehighton 27  Marian 13
Williams Valley 46  Minersville 12
New Hope-Solebury 35  Nativity BVM 6
North Schuylkill 34 Shenandoah 7
Pine Grove 14  Northern Lebanon 7
Pottsville 41 Shamokin 13
Schuylkill Haven @ Wyomissing (Game is Saturday)
Jim Thorpe 34  Tamaqua 14
Anneville-Cleona @ Tri-Valley


An Amber Alert issued from Berks County has been cancelled.  The two children are safe and the suspect is in custody

Dania Perez, 6, and Janeth Perez, 8 were taken from their home in West Reading, Berks County, Thursday night.

Perez-Corza, 23, was the suspect who had taken the girls.

Molino, Schuylkill County, Suspect Captured

Word is coming in that the suspect who police have been looking for over 12 hours has been captured and is in police custody at the State Police Barracks in Schuylkill Haven.  They brought him in around 8AM.

Edward Hill Clark has been on the run overnight after he pointed a rifle at a State Police Officer and the PSP officer fired at Clark.  The incident happened around 7PM yesterday evening at Happy Valley Trailer Park near Molino.  It was initially reported that Clark had fired his rifle, but that was not the case.

Police were initially called to the trailer park when the park's owner and Clark got into an argument.

More on this as it becomes available

Today's and the Weekend Weather Forecast 8/30/13

Today, we'll start out with some fog which will linger around until around 10am.  The clouds will still around until this afternoon but then once they break, it's going to be a Mostly Sunny day.    The humidity is going to be dropping all day long so by this afternoon it will feel great!!  High around 85.

Tonight will be mostly cloudy but humid again, lows in the upper 60's.

Saturday (ABA Parade Day!!!)  Looks like its going to be a REALLY good day for the parade.  The morning will start out cloudy but then by noon will be a mostly sunny day.  The humidity will be in the 70% area so it will feel a bit muggy.  The humidity will spark up some thunderstorms by 7PM but nothing too severe.  Highs in the mid 80's.

Sunday is looking just like Saturday,  Mostly sunny, clouds in the morning and a thunderstorm in the evening.  Highs in the mid 80's



On August 29, 2013, at approximately 9:00p.m., Dania Perez, a 6 yr old Hispanic female, 40 inches tall, thin build with black hair and brown eyes, and Janeth Perez, an 8 yr old Hispanic female , 48 inches tall, thin build, black hair and brown eyes, were abducted from their home in West Reading, PA. They were abducted by Hostin Perez-Corza, a 23 yr old Hispanic male, 6 feet 2 inches tall, 170 pounds, black hair brown eyes. They fled the scene in a 1999 Ford Expedition, white in color, bearing PA Registration JJZ-5836.

Anyone with information should call 911.

UPDATE:  11am, 8/30/13, the children are safe and the suspect is in custody

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Person They Are Looking For In Molino Incident

Edward Hill Clark is the person they are looking for.  Initially it was reported that Clark shot at the officer but it was actually a state trooper who fired at Clark when he pointed his rifle at the officer.

Police are reporting that he may be injured from the shots that were fired.  They are also saying he is armed and dangerous

Shots Fired At Officer In Molino

While an officer was investigating an incident in Happy Valley Trailer Park, off 895, in Molino, a man exited the woods nearby, fired shots at the officer, then fled into the woods.

Officer from around the county responded and as of 10 pm have not found a suspect.

More as info becomes available.

County DA says Fatal Shooting Justified

Schuylkill County's District Attorney Karen Byrnes Noon said Thursday that the fatal shooting that happened during a home invasion near New Ringold in East Brunswick Township was justified after Zachary Foster, 19, broke into the home of Curt Stein, 49.

No charges will be filed against Stein.

Schuylkill County High School Football Schedules

Below is a list of the football schedules for the School Districts within Schuylkill County

Four Teens Escape Northwestern Acadamy

I know this is outside Schuylkill County but it's worth mentioning in case they are in our area.

Around 2 A.M., African American cadets escaped Northwestern Academy Juvenile Facility, Kulpmont.

The 4 escapees are:

  • Sean Watson, 19, Bowie, MD
  • David Rosario, 18, Reading, PA
  • 16 year old from Washington DC
  • 15 year old from Washington, DC

Police Obtain Warrant For Shenandoah Man After High Speed Pursuit

On Monday afternoon, John Pino, Shenandoah, led police on a high speed chase from Wal-Mart in St. Clair to Mahanoy City.

Police were able to stop Pino but was shot by police.  He has been in the Geisinger Medical Center since in serious condition.  He was originally admitted in critical condition.

On Wednesday, Magisterial District Judge Anthony Kilker issued the warrant for Pino.

Pino will remain in the hospital until doctors release him, then he will be taken into custody.

Gilberton Schedules Meeting, Kessler Posts New Video

Gilberton has set the time and date for a special meeting where they will decide the status of Chief Mark Kessler.

The meeting is to take place Friday, August 30th, 2013 at 7PM at the municipal building.

Friday is also the last day of his suspension.

There is no word if Kessler is to be in attendance to this meeting.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

EVENT: Pottsville Girls Soccer Team Car Wash and Bake Sale

WHAT:  Pottsville Girls Soccer Team Car Wash

WHEN:  Sunday, September 1st, from 10AM-4PM

WHERE:  Sands Suzuki, Route 61 and Norwegian Street, Pottsville

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(Video and Pics) Aftermath of Washington Hook and Ladder's Fire and GoFund.Me Account Setup

Mahanoy City, PA - Below are some images posted on Washington Hook and Ladder's, Facebook page of their firetruck after the fire

Scheduled Schuylkill County Road Work

Information provided by PennDOT  &

Suspect Wanted in Minersville Found In Georgia

Joseph Johnson, who has been wanted by Minersville police since June has been found and is in custody in Georgia thanks to U.S. Marshals.

Johnson, 40, allegedly raped two teenage girls several times betwen January 2012 and Summer 2012.

Johnson is charge with two counts of rape, sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, indecent assault and indecent exposure, along with other felonies.

The case was reported to police back in June by one of the 16 year old victims.

Skook Spotlight: The ABA Parade and Mother's Memorial, Ashland, PA

This Saturday, August 31st, will mark Ashland's annual tradition of the ABA parade.  Along with the parade, Ashland will also unveil a historical marker recognizing the Ashland Boys' Assocation.  While this parade has changed over the years, Ashland borough residents have refused to let it die and are beginning to bring it back to life.  This year's parade is expected to have over 70 units.

One of the center pieces of the parade is Ashland's Mother's Memorial.

Today's Weather Forecast 8/28/2013

Today is starting out rainy and gloomy and that's pretty much the way it's going to stay all day.  Look for showers and thunderstorms throughout the day.  Highs in the upper 70's but with the humidity rising, it will feel more like the mid 80's.  It's an air you can wear kind of day!

Tonight the rain will end around 7-8PM but the clouds will still stick around and so will the humidty.  Lows in the mid 60's.

Thursday will start out will some morning fog and once the sun comes out, that will burn off the fog and will be a partly sunny day.  Still humid with Highs in the mid 80's.

Friday will be a copy of Thursday without the morning fog.  No rain is expected.

The weekend is looking warm, still humid with chances of afternoon thunderstorms.  Highs in the mid 80's.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Results of Gilberton Borough Council Meeting

Tonight at 7PM Gilberton held a council meeting to decide whether or not to fire their Chief of Police, Mark Kessler.  The Gilberton Borough Council decided not to discuss the subject

Earlier in the day, Kessler, calling today "D-Day" on his Facebook page, posted the following

"TODAY is D-day , Gilberton Borough officials to hold secret executive termination meeting tonight, 7 pm at borough hall 2710 main street Mahanoy plane, Pa 17949 570-874-470, several borough residents brought this to my attention..... I Have just a FEW THINGS TO STATE !!!! It's truly amazing how the prior Borough secretary allegedly steals well over $10,0000 dollars of tax payer money ," Guess what" I'm told to drop the investigation, unbelievable right ? now you ask why on gods green earth would any one let someone walk away whom allegedly stole over $10,000 dollars from tax payers ? I'll tell you why ? because the prior secretary is related to council members, then another Borough employee broker into borough hall did over $1200.00 dollars in damage, stole $50.00 in petty cash and they didn't want to prosecute ! I drew the line and prosecuted, oh it gets even better, now a third borough employee steals over $2000.00 tax payer dollars , how you ask , well this person was going around filling up drug dealers vehicles with borough gas for drugs!!!!!!! unbelievable right ?? nope, they told me to stop the investigation , why ? because this borough worker is a resident of the borough , and their family is very close to council president Daniel Malloy , in fact this borough worker is the god son of council president Daniel Malloy AMAZING RIGHT! I wonder if Gilberton Council would like me to continue ???? Because i'm just getting warmed up ! and if you think the above is bad, boy that's just the TIP! I left out the part where Vice president Council member Eric boxer ripped down dilapidated properties and buried toxic waste on church ground ! let me repeat that " ON CHURCH OWNED GROUNDS" ?????? REALLY BOXER ????"

Suspended Police Chief Posts on Facebook About Secret Meeting

Suspended Borough Police Chief Mark Kessler has gone to his Facebook page to air the dirty laundry of Gilberton.  Whether any of it's true or not, he also goes on to state that the borough council is holding a secret meeting to discuss his firing?

Is what the Chief is saying true or is he just stirring the pot?

More on this as we find out more

Yuengling Goes To Bat for Beer Distributors, Gov. Corbett

HARRISBURG (Aug. 26) – Dick Yuengling Jr. says he doesn’t know the “particulars of politics,” but on Monday the head of the Pottsville-based D.G. Yuengling & Sons Inc. gave his thoughts on some polarizing issues and voiced his support for Gov. Tom Corbett.

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Today's Weather Forecast - 8/27/2013

Today is going to be a Partly Sunny day with high's in the mid 80's with slightly elevated humidity.  With the humidity comes the chance of some afternoon thunderstorms.

Tonight is looking partly cloudy, still humid, and still a chance for thunderstorms.  Lows in the mid 60's.

Tomorrow is looking much like today,  Partly Sunny, high's in the mid 80's and still the threat of thunderstorms through the evening hours.

Thursday is looking the same as the other two days but the chance of precipitation will drop.

Friday, warm and humid, but the chance of thunderstorms will return for the afternoon and evening hours

Saturday, ABA Parade Day!! is looking good.  Less humid, Partly Sunny with highs in the mid 80's

Update on 3 County Car Chase from Early Sunday Morning

Residents of Ashland and Mt. Carmel were awoken by police cars driving by their homes with sirens blaring at high rates of speed early Sunday morning.

Since then,  few details have emerged of what happened, but we finally got the information.

The chase started in Aristes when Robert Miller, 36, Tower City, failed to make a complete stop at a stop sign.   When Conyngham Township police attempted to pull him over, he continued south towards Centralia and was reported to be driving all over the road.

Police followed him to Ashland, where he made a left to go towards downtown Ashland and began driving at speeds up to 60 mph, passing vehicles and almost hitting a pedestrian.

Monday, August 26, 2013

EVENT: Back to School Carnival

UPDATED: Police Chase Ends In Mahanoy City With Shots Fired

What started as a theft inside the St. Clair Wal-Mart turned into something a lot more.

St. Clair police responded to Wal-Mart to find an unruly suspect who assaulted the police officers then started a police chase within the parking lot.

The chase exited the parking lot and sped over the Burma Road where spike strips were used to attempt to stop the suspect.

The suspect continued driving while the vehicle began to deteriorate. Police eventually stopped the vehicle near the old White Owl Manor in Mahanoy City.  The suspect continued to not cooperate and shots were fired.

The suspect was then air lifted from the scene with a gun shot wound to the chest.

It was not reported who the suspected was or what officers fired the shots.

As of 5:00PM, Route 54 was shut down on the Vulcan hill outside Mahanoy City from the bottom of the hill to Morea Road while the scene is under investigation.

Around 8:00pm Route 54 reopened but the State Police are still investigating the area where the shooting took place

EVENT: Dance Benefit for Lynn Logan Leedom

Friday Sept. 27 at Goodfellas Warehouse in Pottsville. Dance benefit for Lynn Logan Leedom to help defray medical costs. Recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Doors open at 8 bands start at 9. Bands are Hooligan, Adrenalyn, We the Assembly, and Red Halo. $5.00 cover charge.

Vehicle Crashes Into Port Carbon Turkey Hill

Around 11 PM Sunday, a vehicle crashed into the front of a Turkey Hill Minit Mart in Port Carbon.

There were no injuries and there was some damage to a Redbox video rental machine.

Police are still investigating, but the driver was charged with driving without a license.

Back to School Forecast 8/26/2013

The forecast for the kids to go back to school today is looking beautiful.  Lot's of clouds and sun today with a high in the lower 80's with low humidity

There is a possibility of some thunderstorms in the evening Monday with a low in the Mid 60's.

Tuesday's Forecast is sunny with a few showers and thunderstorms in spots throughout the day.  High's in the Mid 80's

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Twas The Night Before School Started

Twas' the night before school started
when all through every town
the parents were cheering
it was a riotous sound

By eight the kids were washed
and tucked into bed
when memories of homework
filled them with dread

New pencils, new folders, new notebooks too
new teachers, new friends,  the anxiety grew
The parents just giggled when they heard of this fright
and shouted upstairs - GO TO BED!!! IT'S A SCHOOL NIGHT!!!!

Schuylkill County Homeowner Shoots and Kills Intruder

At approximately 5:30PM, Curt Stein returned to his home in New Ringold Saturday to find Zachary Foster in his home.  The two got into a fight in the home and Stein retrieved a gun from his vehicle in the garage and returned and shot Foster.

Foster was pronounced dead at the scene.

An investigation is underway whether Stein was justified in shooting and killer Foster.  Stein's girlfriend, Melissa Booth, was also in the home at the time.  Both Stein and Booth are cooperating with police in their investigation.

As of Sunday afternoon, no charges have been filed and no other suspects are involved.

Winners from the 2013 Schuylkill County Fireman's Convention

1. Best Overall Fire Dept. 
1st Schuylkill Haven Fire Dept.

2. Best Overall Fire Company 
1st Minersville Fire & Rescue

3. Best Overall Apparatus 
1st Goodwill Fire Co., Frackville

4. Best Appearing Fire Co. Marching Unit w/ Music
1st Pine Grove HH&L
2nd n/a

5. Best Appearing Dept. Marching Unit w/ Music (w/ 2 or more comp. from same municipality marching as one unit)
1st Sch. Haven Fire Dept.
2nd n/a

6. Best Appearing Fire Co. Marching Unit w/o Music
1st Minersville Fire & Rescue
2nd Polish-American Fire Co.

7. Most Functional and Fire Ready Engine 1750 GPM & over, 2005 & Newer
1st Friendship Fire Co., Englewood, Butler Twp.
2nd Sch. Hose Co., Sch. Haven
3rd Tuscarora Fire Co.

8. Most Functional and Fire Ready Engine 1750 GPM & over, 2004 & Older
1st Good Intent Hose Co., Pottsville
2nd Humane Fire Co., Pottsville
3rd Good Will Fire Co., Pt. Carbon

9. Most Functional and Fire Ready Engine 1500 GPM, 2005 & Newer
1st American Hose Co., Pottsville
2nd Defender Fire Co., Shenandoah
3rd Minersville Fire & Rescue

10. Most Functional and Fire Ready Engine 1500 GPM, 2004 & Older
1st East End Fire Co., Tamaqua
2nd William Penn Fire Co.
3rd West End Fire Co. #3, Sheridan

11. Most Functional and Fire Ready Engine 1250 & Under GPM, 2005 & Newer
1st Phoenix Fire Co., Shenandoah
2nd n/a
3rd n/a

12. Most Functional and Fire Ready Engine 1250 GPM & Under, 2004 & Older
1st South Ward Fire Co., Tamaqua
2nd Livety Hose Co., Sch. Haven

13. Most Functional and Fire Ready Mini Pumper
1st Deer Lake/West Brunswick Fire Co.
2nd New Minersville Fire Co.

14. Most Functional and Fire Ready Engine/Rescue
1st Sch. Hose Co., Sch. Haven
2nd Pine Grove HH&L
3rd Sheppton-Oneida Fire Co.

15. Most Functional and Fire Ready Heavy Rescue
1st Rainbow Hose Co., Sch. Haven
2nd Minersville Fire & Rescue

16. Most Functional and Fire Ready Light Rescue (26,000 GVW Max.)
1st Rainbow Hose Co., Sch. Haven
2nd Tamaqua Rescue

17. Most Functional and Fire Ready Aerial Apparatus w/ Pump
1st Goodwill Fire Co., Frackville
2nd McAdoo Fire Co. #1
3rd Rescue H&L, Shenandoah

18. Most Functional and Fire Ready Aerial Apparatus w/o Pump
1st Rescue H&L, Shenandoah
2nd Volunteer Fire Co., Coaldale

19. Most Functional and Fire Ready Pumper/Tanker (Min. 1500 Gal. Tank / 750 GPM Pump)
1st Polish-American Fire Co., Shenandoah
2nd New England Fire Co., Walker Twp.

20. Most Functional and Fire Ready Tanker
1st Newtown Fire Co.
2nd Good Intent Fire Co., Branch Twp.
3rd Liberty Fire Co., Sch. Haven

21. Most Functional and Fire Ready Brush Truck
1st Nuremberg-Weston Fire Co.
2nd Good Intent Hose Co., Llewellyn
3rd McAdoo Fire Co. #1

22. Most Functional and Fire Ready Heavy Duty Squad
1st Tremont Fire Co.
2nd South Ward Fire Co., Tamaqua

23. Most Functional and Fire Ready Light Duty Squad
1st Tuscarora Fire Co.
2nd Pine Grove HH&L

24. Most Functional and Fire Ready Chief Officer/Command Unit
1st Sch. Haven Fire Dept.
2nd Minersville Fire & Rescue

25. Most Functional and Fire Ready Fire Police Unit
1st Tamaqua Fire Police
2nd Hometown Fire Police

26. Best Overall Fire Dept.
1st Bloomsburg Fire Dept.

27. Best Overall Fire Company
1st Lehigh & Lausanne Fire Co.

28. Best Appearing Fire Co. Marching Unity w/ Music
1st Lehigh & Lausanne Fire Co.

29. Best Appearing Fire Co. Marching Unit w/o Music
1st Rangers Fire Co., Berwick

30. Most Functional and Fire Ready Engine 1750 GPM & up
1st Freeland Fire Dept.
2nd White Haven Fire Co.

31. Most Functional and Fire Ready 1500 GPM & up
1st Paxtang Fire Co.
2nd Rangers Fire Co., Berwick

32. Most Functional and Fire Ready 1250 GPM & up
1st Lehigh & Lausanne Fire Co.

33.Most Functional and Fire Ready Brush Truck / Mini Pumper
1st Shartlesville Fire Co.
2nd Reliance Fire Co., Rutherford

34. Most Functional and Fire Ready Aerial Apparatus w/ Pump (2)
1st Nesquehoning Fire Co.
2nd Lake Harmony Fire Co.

35. Most Functional and Fire Ready Aerial Apparatus w/o Pump
1st Hazle Twp. Fire & Rescue
2nd Rescue Fire Co., Shamokin

36. Most Functional and Fire Ready Pumper/Tanker
*** No entries ***

37. Most Functional and Fire Ready Tanker
1st Union Fire Co, Bethel
2nd Franklin Twp. Fire Co.

38. Most Functional and Fire Ready Heavy Rescue (26,000 GVW or Greater)
1st Bloomsburg Fire Dept.
2nd Hazle Twp. Fire & Rescue

39. Most Functional and Fire Ready Light Rescue (Less than 26,000 GVW)
*** No entries ***

40. Most Functional and Fire Ready Engine/Rescue
1st Duncannon Fire Co.
2nd White Haven Fire Co.

41. Most Functional and Fire Ready Chief Officer/Command Unit
1st Shartlesville Fire Co.

42. Most Functional and Fire Ready Heavy Duty Squad
*** No entries ***

43. Most Functional and Fire Ready Light Duty Squad
1st New Cumberland Fire Co.
2nd Bloomsburg Fire Co.

44. Most Functional & Fire Ready BLS Unit
1st McAdoo Fire Co. #1
2nd Lost Creek Ambulance

45. Best Appearing Hand Drawn (Must be pulled in the line of march)
1st Defender Fire Co., Shenandoah
2nd Good Intent Hose Co., Llewellyn

46. Best Appearing Horse Drawn Unit
1st Sch. Historical Fire Society

47. Best Appearing Motorized Fire Apparatus (Privately Owned)
1st James H Yiengst - 1963 Mack Rescue
2nd Bill Kline - 1924 Fire Truck
3rd Mike Ganse - 1974 Mack - HazMat 2

48. Best Appearing Motorized Fire Apparatus (Fire Co. Owned)
1st Wilburton Fire Co.
2nd Citizens Fire Co., Gordon

49. Best Appearing Best Appearing Dalmatian
1st "Lincoln", Sch. Hose Co.
2nd "Morgan", Rangers Hose Co., Girardville

50. Best Appearing Fire Prevention Entry
1st Polish-American Fire Co., Shenandoah
2nd Humane Fire Co.

51. Most Functional and Ready Dive Unit
1st Sch. Hose Co., Sch. Haven
2nd n/a

52. Company Traveling Furthest Distance (in miles using Mapquest
1st Duncannon Fire Co.

53. Special Judges Award
1 Rangers Hose Co., Girardville
2 Tremont Fire Co.
3 Schuylkill Historical Fire Society
4 East End Fire Co., Tamaqua
5 Altamont Fire Co.

54. 150th Anniversary - Best Appearing Comic Unit
1st Filthy McNasty

55. Best Appearing High School Band
1st Pottsville Area HS
2nd North Schuylkill HS
3rd Mahanoy Area HS

56. Best Appearing Non-High School Band
1st Upper Schuylkill Marching Band
2nd Hegeman String Band
3rd Chester County Emerald Society Pipe Band

57. Best Appearing Chartered Fraternal Organization
1st American Legion, Mahanoy City
2nd AOH, Girardville

58. Best Overall 150th Anniversary Themed Float
1st Coal Crawlers

59. Best overall 150th Anniversary Business Participation
1st Louis D. Truskowsky Funeral Home
2nd Village Inn Restaurant & Bar

60. 150th Anniversary Special Judges Award
1 71st PA Volunteer Infantry Civil War Re-enactment Group
2 St. Paul's Church Sunday School
3 St. Canicus Church
4 Mahanoy Twp. 150th Club
5 Christ Lutheran Church

Humane Fire Co. - Oldest Organized Fire Co. in the Parade
Humane Fire Co., Pottsville

Citizens Fire Co.
Best Pierce - Paxtang Fire Co.
Best Mack - Rangers Hose Co., Girardville

Washington Hook & Ladder Co.
Best LTI Aerial - Rescue H&L, Shenandoah

Good American Hose Co.
Best Hahn - Goodwill Hose Co., Frackville

West End Fire & Rescue Co.
Best KME - Goodwill Hose Co., Pottsville

Police Chase Ends In Crash Overnight

A police chase that started in Ashland ended in a crash in Mt. Carmel early Sunday morning.

At approximately 11:50PM, police attempted to pull over a SUV in Ashland, but a chase ensued and reportedly ended up on Dutchtown Road, Ashland.

The chase made it's way back to Ashland, then headed towards Centralia where the SUV took the Snake Road to Mt. Carmel.

Many reports have said they chased the suspect through Mt. Carmel, then back over the Snake Road to Ashland again.

A road block was set up at the intersection of 61 and 54 near May's Drive In and the cops attempted to side-swipe the vehicle.

The suspect was able to escape and headed back towards Mt. Carmel on 61.

The chase reportedly ended at 5th and Locust in Mt. Carmel with the cops pinning in the vehicle.

Multiple cruisers had minor damage.

No word who the suspect was, or why they were chasing them.

This story was put together by reports of many people from around the county including residents of Mt. Carmel.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Results from Big Diamond - 08/23/13

Results from Big Diamond on Friday Evening

Modifieds (30 Laps)

1) Tim Buckwalter ($4,000) 
2) Duane Howard 
3) Doug Manmiller 
4) Rick Laubach 
5) Billy Pauch Sr. 
6) Meme Desantis 
7) Craig Von Dohren 
8) Richie Pratt Jr. 
9) Kevin Smith 
10) Frank Cozze 
11) Kyle Borror 
12) Kevin Albert Jr. 
13) Ricky Yetter 
14) Jared Umbenhauer
15) Kyle Weiss 
16) Andy Burkhart
17) Dale Hartz 
18) Nick Desantis 
19) Justin Grim 
20) Jeff Strunk 
21) John Willman
22) Terry Meitzler 
23) Mike Nicholas 
24) Dan Hineline 
25) Danny Nicholas 
26) Billy Pauch Jr. 
DNQ) Kyle Follweiler, Bobby Gunther Walsh, Shawn Fitzpatrick, Craig Whitmoyer, Eric Biehn, Brad Arnold, Tim Fitzpatrick, Nathan Klinger, Ray Swinehart, Mike Diehl, Kevin Beach Jr., Tommy Sheetz Jr., Brian Gagliardo, Jason Neidlinger, Tim Fitzpatrick Jr., Heath Metzger, Ron Haring Jr., Donny Hartz, Mike Mamanna

Roadrunners (20 Laps)

1) Marc Berzowski 

2) Kyle Killian 
3) Terry Kramer Jr. 
4) Devin Trexler 
5) Jim Kost 
6) Chip Kennedy
7) Neil Bressler 
8) TJ Fitzpatrick 
9) Joe Kavanaugh
10) Ricky Bender 
11) Andrew Fayash III 
12) Bill Wingle Jr. 
13) Tim Spesak 
14) Bruce Ditzler
 15) Tom Hablett 
16) Shon Elk 
17) Jeremy Becker 
18) Chris Holland
19) Kris Ney 
20) Jesse Krasnitsky 
21) Jon Schlauch 
DNS) Dave Long Jr.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mahanoy City Fire Company Fights It's Own Fire Hours Before Convention

Through the fun and celebration of the 2013 Schuylkill County Fireman's Convention, there was a bit of remorse as well.  Hours before the start of the convention, The Washington Hook and Ladder of Mahanoy City was fighting a fire in it's own firehouse.

Images from the 2013 Schuylkill County Fireman's Convention