Thursday, September 26, 2013

District Attorney Says Shooting Justified

The Schuylkill County District Attorney, Karen Byrnes-Noon said yesterday that the shooting of John A. Pino, 69, of Shenandoah, by St. Clair Police Chief Michael Carey was justified.  Pino had just led police on a 15 mile car chase that started in the St. Clair Wal-Mart parking lot and ended in Mahanoy Township.

Pino was shot after revving his engine and refusing to get out of his vehicle following the chase.

After reviewing tapes and interviewing officers involved, they determined it was justified to prevent the fleeing felon, protect himself, and protect the public.

It was said that Pino forced many cars off the road during the chase, including a school bus while leading police on chase of speeds up to 70-90 mph.

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