Saturday, November 30, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast

By: Monsoon Mike

Fairly decent stretch of uneventful weather the next few days with temperatures basically hanging in the 40s. Some days will feature more sun than clouds. Other days more clouds than sun. But all days should be dry until we get to the end of the coming work week when a warm front will move through followed by a cold front. Behind that warm front, we may have one of those one-day temperature spikes sailing temperatures deep into the 50s Friday. But fear not winter fans ... another arctic outbreak is waiting for you later next weekend. 

Santa Claus Visits Ashland

Santa stopped by Ashland tonight!  He was escorted by Ashland Police Department, both fire companies, and the Ashland Rotary from the borough. 
Sorry for the quality.

Remember To Support Your Local Small Business This Saturday

Remember to support your local small business this Saturday.  After all the craziness and shopping done at the big stores this Black Friday, it's good to remember the local small businesses in our communities.  Ever sale counts to them so even if you go out and buy something small from them, they'll appreciate it!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Former School Starts To Be Demolished

The Former Immaculate Heart/St. Joseph School in Girardville started demolition on Friday.  A small crowd gathered to watch the beginning of the tear down process.  Below are some pictures from today.

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast 11/30/13

By:  Monsoon Mike

Tame, uneventful pattern for the next practically week with basically partly cloudy days, cold nights, and the occasional flurry or shower. Several systems will either skirt us to the north or south & basically leave us alone for the first week of December. I think we're not quite so lucky by the second week, but that's just distant prognostication for now.

Schuylkill Haven Falls To Old Forge

Tonight Schuylkill Haven fell to Old Forge 35-0.

Elderly Woman Conned Out of $13,000

In a press release from the Orwigsburg Police Department, an elderly woman from the borough reported that she was conned out of $13,000.  They reportedly used something called the "Grandparents Scam" which targets the elderly.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast 11/29/13

By: Monsoon Mike

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Now time to get out & shop and shoppers will continue to scurry for warmth all weekend with continued chilly weather. A weak system skirts us this weekend with a possible snow flurry or shower but most likely just some extra clouds. Otherwise, just tame but chilly weather as we enter December. No huge storms on the horizon ..... yet. Still looking active about a week into December as I previewed a few days ago.

2 More Explosive Devices Found in South Manheim Twp. Home

Yesterday we reported a story where a man from South Manheim Twp was charged with possessing weapons of mass destruction.

A further search that was conducted Wednesday led to the finding of 2 more explosive devices.  Both devices were taken from 1600 block of Summer Hill Road and disposed of.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast 11/28/13

By: Monsoon Mike

Looks like the black ice has begun. Getting reports from several sources of it being quite slick out there, especially on the secondaries. The good news is the precipitation is over and we've got nothing but a couple sunny, cold, windy days upcoming, but tonight is going to be no walk in the park on the roadways. PLEASE be careful!

As for your next few days:

Thanksgiving: Partly Sunny, Windy, and Very Cold. Highs around 30.

Black Friday: Partly Sunny. Cold. Highs around 35.

Saturday: Increasing Clouds. Cold. Highs around 35. 

Thanksgiving Eve Weather Update

By: Monsoon Mike

Snow falling in many areas again at 6 p.m. and while most of it is melting on contact, I gotta say that radar still shows a decent amount of wrap-around snow on the back end of this storm, extending still down to around Richmond, Virginia. I expect this light, wet snow to continue for several more hours and as temperatures begin to fall, untreated roads will get quite dicey later. I've already noted some slickness along parts of Route 61 in Schuylkill County this afternoon. Going to get worse tonight folks.

Tuesday Motor Vehicle Accidents on Interstate 81 (

Tuesday's Weather brought out numerous accidents across the county.  Here are some that were documented by from Interstate 81.    We'd like to thank them for letting us share this information.

County Project Aims To Provide Children In Need

A new project in Schuylkill County is aiming to provide services for children in need.

The "Community Solution6 Project, started by Rob Hampton, is looking to provide services for children, where their parents may not be able to provide them with the items or treatments that they may desperately need.

The project started when Rob's daughter's school posted a flyer asking for anyone who could help donate a breathing treatment machine for a child who had asthmas.  He would also see children wearing coats that looked like they've been passed down for years.

Hampton had done other charitable projects over the years which gave him the knowledge of starting this new project.

How the project works is parents email or write the organization state what their child needs and then the organization will negotiate with companies/doctors/business/etc. to get the items they need.  A board of directors will meet monthly to discuss requests.

"For example. Say a child needs prescription glasses. They email us and we negotiate with a local eye doctor and we pay the doctor directly. Then the parent just brings the child in and they get the exam and the glasses." says Hampton.

The organization is still looking for people for their board of directors which already consists of local radio and TV personalities, Musicians, and Business owners.

You can read more about this project or donate to them at their web site below

South Manheim Township Man Charged With Possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Tony Ronbo Weiss, 26, of 1651 Summer Hill Road,  South Manheim Twp. was charged with possession of weapons of mass destruction and possession of  offensive weapons on Tuesday.

Around 11am County Sheriff's attempted to serve Weiss and eviction notice at his home when they noticed that he had an illegal shotgun.

This prompted a search that led to the finding of explosive devices.

Weiss was arraigned and placed into Schuylkill County Prison on $50,000 bail.

Schuylkill County Wednesday Morning Weather Forecast

By:  Monsoon Mike

Morning! Storm starting to wind up and pull away. This radar image courtesy the National Weather Service and on the right side of the screen, you can see the precipitation pulling east. In the middle, a nice gap of nothing much going on over a good chunk of the Monsoon Mike area. But notice out in western PA, some snow showers wrapping on the back side of the storm. Those showers will pull through later in many areas, especially in the Poconos and areas north of I-78, potentially dusting up the roads as temperatures tank. That was another fascinating tidbit about this storm. The temperature gradient was as much as 30 degrees across the area with south Jersey well into the 50s and the Poconos stuck in the 30s. What happens is on the right side of a storm like this, warm air gets sucked in, but if you were on the left side of the storm, you stayed on the cooler side, but still not cool enough to be all snow. Had this been all snow, wow, we would have been digging out for a long time. So, a few things to watch out for later this afternoon and night:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast 11/27/13

It sure is nasty out there. To me, I know a lot of people hate snow, but a cold rain is far worse than snow which is quite beautiful. Anyhow, storm performing as I predicted so far. Most areas south and east of Allentown & Reading are plain rain but lots of internal, central areas of NE and central PA still have temperatures right around freezing and the rain, while not icing up the roads too bad due to PennDOT treatment, is freezing on many colder surfaces like bushes and some wires so be careful until all the cold air is totally flushed away overnight. The temperatures WILL eventually spike well above freezing later. In fact, Wednesday morning, we may have several hours in the 40s to around 50 as warm air whips around the storm, BUT as the storm moves away tomorrow afternoon, temperatures tank once again and any leftover precipitation may end as a touch of snow, not to mention flash freezing of any leftover wetness on the ground. Oh, and the wind. Almost forgot. Get ready for the winds to start cranking tonight as the Low pressure draws closer. Wild storm, but things turn sunny just in time for Turkey Day. It'll be plenty chilly, however. 

The Winter Storm Forecast - Tuesday at Noon

Our weatherman "Monsoon Mike" is watching the storm and here is his latest forecast from him as of noon Tuesday.

Schuylkill County School Closings - 11/26/2013

Schuylkill County Schools are starting to let out for early dismissals

Early Monday Fire Damages South Manheim Twp. Home

A fire early Monday morning damaged a home in South Manheim Twp.  The residents of 1629 Lightfoot Drive, Lake Wynonah woke to find their deck on fire.  When crews arrived, the fire had already spread to the home.

No one was injured in the blaze and the fire appears to have been electrical.

Additional Storm Details - Treacherous Weather on The Way

By:  Monsoon Mike

Early heads up that while most of this coming nor'easter will be heavy rain (after some preliminary frozen precipitation early), Wednesday late afternoon & evening is looking potentially pretty serious with what is called FLASH FREEZING where the temperature tanks on the back end of the storm & all that standing water freezes solid. The more I analyze this, Wednesday night is looking pretty treacherous.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast - 11/26/13

By: Monsoon Mike

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory forTuesday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. While I think the majority of our big storm will be in the form of liquid, the advisory indicates the service's concern for the storm to start as some snow/sleet/or freezing rain and if something called "cold air damming" occurs, some parts of Schuylkill County could hang onto some slippery travel for longer. "Cold air damming" is when cold air gets trapped in between hills and in valleys and doesn't get flushed away as quick as other, more open areas. Schuylkill has lots of hills and valleys, so this is a "cold air damming" sort of situation where if you're in a fairly open area, a quick changeover to rain is likely. If you're hidden behind some hills or valleys, however, expect slippery travel for longer. 

EVERYONE will change to plain rain later on Tuesday and a LOT of rain is coming, on the order of 2 to 3 inches which could lead to some ponding on the roads along with windy conditions. Then on Wednesday, as the storm zips away and cold air rushes in behind it, I cannot rule out a quick changeover back to snow or ice. Yep, pretty complex storm here, but the good news, more WET than WHITE for holiday travelers. Holiday driving won't be a walk in the park, however. It'll be downright nasty for a good 36 hours so please account for this. 

Then Thanksgiving proper looks halfway decent with sun returning but it'll be a cold Turkey Day with windy conditions and temperatures only in the 30s at best. 

Winter Weather Advisory For Tuesday


Corbett Signs Transportation Bill

Monday morning in Spring Hills, PA, Governor Tom Corbett signed the new transportation bill into law that will provide over $2 billion a year for improvements to Pennsylvania's bridges and highways.

The ceremony took place in the parking lot of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post along 322.

What's your thoughts on the newly signed bill?

10 Ways to Cook A Turkey

Stuck in a turkey rut? Tired of cooking the same old turkey every Thanksgiving? Okay, not literally, but we all have our own traditions or have just become accustomed to following the first turkey recipe we learned. Why not try something new this year? The following list includes 10 ways you can cook a turkey.

Morning Fire in Pine Grove Twp.

Pictures from Schuylkill County Firewire

Around 6am, crews were called to 6 Fidlers Court, Pine Grove Twp. this morning for a working structure fire.  Per County reports, the fire reportedly started in the bathroom, then spread to the rear of the home.

Crews left scene around 8:30am.

No other information is available at this time.

Donations for Families in November 22nd Fire in Pottsville


Wednesday -  Good lntent Fire Co.. 2nd Street, next to Beer n Burger, between Market and 2nd Sts.
 6 to 9 pm.....

Monday -  Sovereign Majestic Theater, 209 N. Center Street, down from the old Coney lsland, in Pottsville.
10 am - 1 pm.

Tuesday -  December 10th Only Trinity Lutheran Church, 3rd Street, Pottsville, One night only 6 to 8 pm


This is for the one family that lost everything in the fire on the 22nd of this month in Pottsville.

We ALL have clothes just sitting in our closets. Let's try to help these people out as much as possible.

So far the following items are needed:

A boy size 3t, 2 girls sizes 5/6 and 12/14, and a mom 1x-2x. Toddler girl size 12 shoes and toddler boy 7-8, and diapers size 5.
They are also accepting household items too.
Everyone Lost Everything!
Thanks for helping out!

2 Hurt in High Speed Crash in Pine Grove Twp.

Two men were hurt in a high speed crash in Pine Grove Twp. Saturday evening.

Tyler Schaeffer, 21, and Adam Zerbe, 19, both of Pine Grove were both flown from the scene to Hershey Medical Center with severe injuries after they lost control of their vehicle at a high rate of speed on Keefer Road and hit multiple trees around 6:15pm.

Both were ejected and said to have not been wearing their seatbelts.

No other information was available on their condition at this time and the crash is still being investigated.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Monday's Weather Forecast 11/25/13

By: Monsoon Mike

No changes to my prior thoughts. The coming storm looks to be a mainly rain event, but starting as a bit of snow and ice and perhaps ending as a touch of light snow. In between, plenty of rain. Nevertheless, storms like this are all about timing and track and while I am 90% certain of this outcome, things can still change, so follow my Facebook fan page for updates on the fly. Best chances for more snow and ice the farther north in the county and the higher in elevation that you are. Best chances for just a quick changeover to a chilly rain the farther south and lower in elevation you are. Timing is Tuesday p.m. through Wednesday p.m. with perhaps a break in between where nothing much is falling around Wednesday a.m. As much as 2 to 3 inches of snow could fall in northern Skook before the changeover. More in the way of just a slushy coating in the southern regions. Then just a cold, dry Thanksgiving and Black Friday. 

One thing this storm will do for you disappointed snow lovers is set the stage for more cold air and perhaps more active, perhaps more snowy and less rainy storms, as we head into the first weeks of December, so if you like snow and you're not thrilled at my forecast above for the coming storm, just hang in there! 

Overnight Motor Vehicle Accident in Rush Township

Around 5:15 a.m. Sunday, crews were called to Pine Creek Drive (SR54) (between the intersections of SR1018 and Holly Road) in Rush Township for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment involving one vehicle.

Skook News - Week In Review

The news of Schuylkill County from the past week

Early Saturday Fire Displaces 3 In Tamaqua

Early Saturday morning, just after 1am, Tamaqua fire crews were called to 317 Glenwood Ave in the borough.  The fire was put out in about 15 minutes the fire caused enough damage to displace the 3 residents that lived in the home.  The home at 319 was also damaged but no one lived in the home.

The fire was reported to be started by a wood stove's chimney which then spread to the walls.

Below is video of the fire that was posted on Youtube by

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast - 11/24/13

By:  Monsoon Mike

So who got snow squalls on Saturday? Hearing reports of everything from an inch and a half of snow in Carbon County, to blinding, whiteout conditions in Monroe County. Even here at Monsoon Mike's Weather Headquarters in southern Schuylkill County, some snow showers. Be careful out there folks! This is perhaps our first real test of winter driving and we may get another test around mid-week. 

Those pain in the neck models are still allllll over the place in their opinions on what happens, so I have to resort to maintaining my previous positions on what I think will happen ... mainly a cold, raw, rain event Tuesday p.m. into Wednesday with some frozen precipitation mixing in especially in far northern portions of Skook and especially during non daylight hours. If you're in the Poconos on north, however, you could have more of a time of plain snow which could really make your pre-holiday traveling an experience. I still will not lay down any snow totals or anything much more specific until about Monday at this point. Until then, just get ready for January like chill on Sunday and Monday with wind and icy cold conditions!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast - 11/23/13

By Monsoon Mike:

Clearing skies and noticeably cooler weather Saturday with temperatures in the 40s, but not nearly as shockingly cold as Sunday and Monday will be with wind and temperatures mainly in the 20s! Also, cannot rule out some snow showers/flurries/squalls Saturday night into Sunday, so keep an eye to the sky. Remember that these quick-moving type squalls can dust up the ground rather quickly. Then our attention turns to our Thanksgiving eve storm potential.

Schuylkill County Obituaries 11/23/13

Schuylkill County Obituaries for 11/23/2013

Schuylkill Haven Wins Big Over Bristol

On Friday Night, Schuylkill Haven defeated Bristol 56-27 and will face Old Forge in Round 2 of the State Playoffs.  They will play at Blue Mountain

Fire Spreads Through At Least 5 Pottsville Homes

 Friday Afternoon at approximately 3:45pm, crews were called to 217 Schuylkill Ave, Pottsville for a structure fire.

Tractor Trailer Crash In Hegins Twp.

This morning around 10:00am crews were called to 516 South Goodspring Road, Hegins Twp. for a tractor trailer vs. a tree.

There was reported heavy entrapment and Life flight was requested.

No other details at this time.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast - 11/22/13

By: Monsoon Mike

Consider Friday our most recent reprieve from the cold in this rather predictable pattern of cold, warmth, and then cold again. A few differences this time around, however. Friday won't nearly be as warm as the last mild spell (think 50s instead of 60s). Another difference is that it won't be a sunny warm. Friday will be on the cloudy side with scattered showers as a weak warm front passes. And the third big difference is the cold that follows this brief mild spell will be brutal, unlike anything we've had since last winter. Temperatures by Sunday will struggle to climb past the 20s for highs! 

Slight moderation is likely early and mid next week before it gets pretty darn cold again around Thanksgiving. In between, a battle ground in the atmosphere sets up and could drop rain, snow, ice or some form in between around Wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year. Right now, don't panic. I'm leaning more on the "rain" side, if the storm even happens. But some frozen precipitation cannot be ruled out especially in higher elevations and during the nighttime hours of whatever day the storm would hit. 

Many more details to be worked out and rare is it I even get concerned this far out, but I felt it necessary to keep it in your mind with the big holiday coming up. 

Schuylkill County Christmas/Holiday Events 2013

Below is a list of events we've gathered that will take place over the Christmas/Holiday Season in Schuylkill County

Harrisburg Newspaper Posts Article About Kessler Militia

The Harrisburg Newspaper/Web Site posted the following story today and was on the front page of their web site

Police Looking For Hit and Run Vehicle From West Mahanoy Twp. Incident

Police are reporting around 8PM Friday evening, on Union Court, West Mahanoy Township, that an unidentified vehicle struck two parked cars and fled the area.  Witnesses said that the vehicle continued north on Union Court.

If anyone has information, you are to call police at (570) 874-5300.

Pottsville Schools Burglarized

Police are reporting that the Assumption BVM School in Pottsville was burglarized Sunday or Monday.

18 Apple Ipad minis and other items were stolen when the school was ransacked.

Police are also reporting that a television was almost stolen from the St. Patrick's Church activity building.  But the thieves were unsuccessful.

Anyone with information is to call the Pottsville Police at (570) 622-1234.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Charges Dismissed For 2 Child Abductors

On Wednesday, Peter Tarbox and his mother Annette Williams were released from Schuylkill County Prison after the prosecution witnesses didn't show up for the hearing.

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast - 11/21/13

By: Monsoon Mike

Clouds slowly increase on Thursday ahead of our next system which at first will provide a short spell of moderately mild weather with temperatures at or better than 50 by Friday but also the chance for showers.

A sharp cold front moves thru Saturday followed by January-like temperatures Sunday and Monday perhaps never leaving the 20s for highs!

Still looking like some active weather around Thanksgiving or the day prior, but many details yet to be worked out.

Deer Lake Woman Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

Beverly Baver, 501 Drehersville Road, Deer Lake is facing charges of animal cruelty after police found her dog in living conditions that were covered in feces and no water.

The dog was taken from the Baver and is now in the hands of the Hillside SPCA.

The 2013 Skook News Christmas Shirt Has Arrived!

Yesterday we officially launched our 2013 Skook News Christmas Shirt

This shirt will be available until December 1st. 

You can purchase it at the link below

Girardville Man Sent to State Prison For Abusing Son

Peter Howard, 39, of Girardville was sentenced Tuesday on charges of endangering the welfare of children, simple assault, and recklessly endangering another person.  The charges came after he abused his 2 month old son in 2011.

Water Boil Advisory Lifted For Ashland

The water boil advisory that was issued for Ashland after a water main break has been lifted according to the Ashland Borough.  Water is now safe to drink again.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast - 11/20/13

Typically chilly weather the next few days but less windy, so it won't feel as harsh. 

Temperatures uptick a bit by week's end with shower chances as well, but a strong cold front passes Saturday and by Sunday, today will feel like summer compared to what what's coming. That's right, Sunday and Monday may be hard pressed to get out of the 20s (yes TWENTIES) in some parts of Schuylkill County.

The intense cold moderates a bit mid next week but not before another potential weather maker and this one could feature some wintry precipitation. Way too far out to get excited about, but something to keep in the back of your head. 

Charges Withdrawn on Home Invasion Suspect

Over the weekend, Orwigsburg Police issued an arrest warrant for Jason Stevens, Shenandoah.  Stevens was suspected to have been a part of a home invasion in Orwigsburg.  He later turned himself in.

We have learned tonight now that Stevens was released today.

"Stevens has exonerated himself by providing statements in reference to his whereabouts at the time the crime occurred.  These statements were further affirmed through the review of video surveillance by police during the course of this investigation." said Patrolman Brandon Bayer in a statement.

The investigation is still ongoing and if anyone has any information to call police at (570) 366-3101

2 Recounts Requested for County Elections

Two recounts have been requested for elections that took place on November 5th.

Dennis Wiessner has requested a recount of the Mahanoy City mayoral race after losing by only 3 votes.

A petition has also submitted for the Schuylkill County District Attorney election after Christine Holman defeated incumbent Karen Byrnes-Noon by only 73 votes.

One Man Injured in Tamaqua Crash

One man was injured in a crash in Tamaqua around 10am Monday.  The incident happened along Route 209 where the man driving crashed into a parked car  along East Broad Street in front of Charles X Block.

There are no reports on the severity of the man's injuries.

Police Looking For Fuel Thieves

Police are looking for information on a fuel theft that took place between 7:30pm Wednesday and 3:00pm Thursday.

They say that the fuel was stolen from an excavator that was parked near Jeff's Swamp Road  in Tremont Township.

Police say the fuel cap was broken into and the thieves emptied the fuel tank.

Anyone with information is to call the State Police at Schuylkill Haven at (570) 739-1330.

Schuylkill Haven to Play Bristol in Class A First Round

For Round #1 of the Class State Playoffs Schuylkill Haven is set to face Bristol High School out of Bristol,PA .  They are coming into this game against Schuylkill Haven with a record of 9-1 for the season.

Kickoff is at 7PM at Blue Mountain High School

Bristol  vs. Schuylkill Haven
Game at Blue Mountain High School - 7PM

4 Escape Northwestern Academy

Around 7:15-7:30 Monday evening 4 cadets escaped the Northwestern Academy, Coal Township.

The last they were seen running towards the Kulpmont area and they were wearing yellow sweatshirts and black pants.

The four juveniles are described as

  • 16 year old Hispanic Male 5 Foot, 130 pounds, black hair, blue eyes (From York Area)
  • 16 year old Hispanic Male 5 Foot 1, 105 pounds, black hair, brown eyes (From York Area)
  • 16 year old Caucasion Male 5 Foot 7, 145 pounds, borwn hair, brown eyes (From Pottsville area)
  • 14 year old black male 6 Foot 1, 169 pounds, black hair, brown eyes (From Levittown)
Anyone with information regarding this should call police at (570) 644-0333.

Back in August, Skook News reported a similar story when 4 teens escaped

Monday, November 18, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast - 11/19/13

With the wild weather behind us, just chilly, partly sunny days and cold nights for the next few days. Temperatures mainly hanging in the 40s for daytime highs. Slight moderation by week's end before REALLY cold air this weekend. Perhaps some precipitation then, too.

Mahanoy City Fire Department Strikes Deal For Truck

Photo From Southampton Fire Company
The Washington Hook and Ladder has announced that they have struck a deal with the Southampton Fire Company to purchase their E-One Ladder Truck.

No other information has been given at this time.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast 11/18/13

The Midwest part of the country was totally hammered Sunday with severe weather and tornadoes. While we won't see anything like that, I expect things to get a little rocky after midnight with some very gusty winds which could take down a few trees and possibly contribute to a power outage or two. Fortunately I am NOT forecasting any tornadoes.

After an active Sunday and early Monday, things begin to calm down on Monday but also gradually turn noticeably cooler by the end of the day after a very mild start.

The rest of the week then just looks chilly and seasonally or perhaps a little below seasonally chilly with moderation by week's end.

I'm still looking at Thanksgiving week for a potentially active and chilly week, but more details on that to come.

Ashland Borough Issues Water Boil Advisory

The Ashland Borough has issued a water boil advisory until further notice due to a water main break.

Skook News Week in Review

This week's week in review

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Marian Volleyball Wins Class A State Title

On Saturday at the Central York High School, Marian faced Cochranton for the Class A State Volleyball Title and won 25-16, 25-23, 25-17 sweeping the entire game.

This is Marian's second State Volleyball Saturday and it was Cochranton only loss the entire season.

4 Homes In Shenandoah Damaged By Fire

On Saturday morning, around 11:15am, crews were called to 206 East Washington Street in Shenandoah for a fire.  Not long after they arrived, the fire was switched to 2nd Alarm calling in extra crews from around the area.

Suspect In Orwigsburg Home Invasion Turns Himself In

Skook News has just learned from the Orwigsburg Police Deparment that Jason Stevens turned himself into police Saturday.

An arrest warrant was issued yesterday for Stevens for a home invasion that took place in Orwigsburg early Thursday morning.

Sunday's Schuylkill County Weather Forecast

Some hype starting to abound regarding potentially rough weather Monday morning and while I don't think it'll be anything to write home about, I wouldn't be surprised to have a round of gusty, windswept rain and some isolated thunder drift through later overnight Sunday into Monday morning as a powerful, arctic cold front moves through and sweeps away our mild air. 

Until then, one more very mild day for Sunday with temperatures a few degrees either side of 60 in many areas. Then Monday may be one of those days where it starts extremely mild but ends cold, backwards from how things usually go. 

Then Tuesday through the end of the new week should feature very brisk, chilly air once again, although perhaps maybe not quite as harshly cold as this past week.

Speaking of hype, some hype starting to float around via other weather sources of a Thanksgiving storm of some sort. Wayyyy too far out to get excited about. All I will say is that it "does" look chilly and perhaps unsettled around Thanksgiving, but that's as far as I'll go at this point. Still a good week and a half away. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast For Saturday

By: Monsoon Mike

A pretty nice Saturday upcoming with at least partly sunny skies and temperatures deep into the 50s. An overnight shower cannot be ruled out, but the better chances for showers and perhaps periods of rain come later on Sunday night after a mainly cloudy daytime. Temperatures Sunday, however, make it to around 60 or better. Things start mild on Monday but end chilly on the opposite side of a strong cold front. The rest of next week is back into the freezer! 

Arrest Warrant Issued For Suspect In Orwigsburg Home Invasion

Orwigsburg Police have just issued an arrest warrant for a suspect in yesterday morning's home invasion


Jason C. Stevens “Poota”

21 year old black male

6’01, 250 pounds

Brown hair, brown eyes


Last known to reside in the Borough of Shenandoah.


Any information, please contact the Schuylkill County Communications Center at 628-3792

Schuylkill County High School Football Scores - 11/15/13

Who survived Friday night's games?

Marian 28 Mahanoy Area 3
North Schuylkill 18 Northwestern Lehigh 19
Schuylkill Haven 42 Williams Valley 16

Schedule For Tonight's Schuylkill County Football Games - 11/15/13

Big games tonight for all 5 teams that are still left!

Police Looking For Thief Who Stole ATV

Police are reporting that they are investigating the theft of an ATV in Wayne Township.

They say that the theft took place on Sunday between 11:30am and 4:45pm at 2001 Fair Road.

The owner reported that someone started his red and green 1994 Yamaha Timberwolf 25 ATV and rode away on it.

Anyone with information is to call State Police at (570) 739-1330.

Tim Holden Sworn in as Liquor Control Board Member

On Thursday, Tim Holden was sworn in to the Pennsylvania Liqour Control Board at the Schuylkill County Courthouse.

It was announced earlier in the week that Holden would be taking the position.

Holden previously served 20 years in the United State House of Representatives but lost in 2012 in the Democratic Primary.

Tamaqua Man Taken Into Custody on Outstanding Warrants

On November 10th, Derek Shellhamer, 26, 307 Arlington St. was taken into custody on outstanding warrants by the Schuylkill County Probation Office.

Shellhamer's residence was posted with a no trespassing sign by the code enforcement office but officers noticed that the basement door was broken into.  Officers then searched the residence where they found  Shellhamer hiding in an upstairs closet.  When they searched him they found a metal spoon, waxed packing materials and half a pill of Traxodone which is an antidepressant.

Shellhamer was then placed into Schuylkill County Prison.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast - Friday

By: Monsoon Mike

Get ready for a BEAUTIFUL Friday & Saturday with partly sunny skies & temperatures soaring through the fifties!

SIXTIES are possible especially in southern portions of Skook Sunday & Monday but shower chances increase those two days especially late Sunday night into Monday as our next powerful cold front moves through. In fact, the late Sunday/early Monday rain showers could be a decent soaking.
Then it's back to the freezer by Tuesday, so enjoy this brief respite!

Vehicle Pushed Into Shenandoah Business In Crash

Picture from Firewire Schuylkill County
Around 11am, crews were called to 601 West Center St., Shenandoah.

It was reported that a tan Ford Taurus rear ended the white pickup truck and pushed the truck into RJ and Friends Bar.

The Ford Taurus was reported to have fled the scene and an alert was sent out looking for the vehicle with front end damage and leaking fluids.

Shortly the Ford Taurus returned to the scene.

UPDATED: Orwigsburg Police Looking For Armed Home Invaders

Police are looking for 2 men that kicked in a door to a home on West Market Street in Orwigsburg around 1am Thursday morning.

The armed invaders then threatened the two people that lived inside the home.

The invaders took a purse, a safe, and a bottle of alcohol before leaving.  No one was reported hurt.

No information was given about the intruders.

If anyone has any information, please call the Orwigsburg police.

UPDATE FROM ORWIGSBURG POLICE:  The suspects have been described as at least 2 black males.  They believe this was a targeted event and the suspect(s) know the victims.  The investigation is still ongoing.

Coaldale Looking For Police Chief But Current Chief Doesn't Plan on Leaving

The Coaldale borough has published notices that they are looking for a new police chief.  The strange thing is, the current police chief has no plans for retiring.

At this point, only an ad has been posted that they are looking for someone for the position and sites that it's a personnel issue that they cannot discuss.

You can read more about it here