Thursday, September 11, 2014

Schuylkill County High School Football Power Rankings After Week #2

Schuylkill County High School Football Power Rankings After Week #2

1)  North Schuylkill (2-0) - The Spartans are a force to be reckoned with, but their next match up against Lehighton will test their strengths and weaknesses (Last weeks rank 1)

2) Marian Catholic (2-0) - Starting out the season strong with 52 points and shutting out Panther Valley in Week 2 (Last weeks rank 5)

3) Mahanoy Area (1-1) - They bounced back from a tough Week 1 and defeated our number 3 ranked team Schuylkill Haven. (Last weeks rank 9)

4) Schuylkill Haven (1-1) - Had a good Week 1 but fell short in Week 2 at home.  This week they face Shenandoah Valley (Last weeks rank 3)

5) Williams Valley (1-1) - Had a rough Week 1 but bounced back in Week 2.  They play at home this week with an evenly matched Tri-Valley (Last weeks rank 11)

6) Pine Grove (1-1) - Another team who started out Week 1 down but came back in Week 2.  This week they will face Juniata (Last weeks rank 6)

7) Tamaqua Area (1-1) - Started out the season against a tough opponent and lost their quarterback.  Week 2 they pulled it together and dominated the game.  They have a tough Week 3 away against Jim Thorpe. (Last weeks rank 12)

8)  Blue Mountain (1-1) - Blue Mountain falls far this week after being shutout by #1 North Schuylkill.  They have another big game against Pottsville this week who is searching for their first win. (Last weeks rank 2)

9) Tri-Valley (1-1) - TV was shut out in Week 2 and will have to rebound when they play away at Williams Valley this week. (Last weeks rank 4)

10) Shenandoah Valley (0-2) -  Shenandoah Valley is still trying to get their footing.  They have a tough game this week at home against Schuylkill Haven. (Last weeks rank 8)

11) Nativity BVM (0-2) -   Week 1 wasn't so great for Nativity and had a tough time against Jenkintown. (Last weeks rank 7)

12) Panther Valley (0-2) -  Another team struggling at the start and will have to pull it together against Mahanoy Area this week. (Last weeks rank 10)

13) Pottsville (0-2) -  Pottsville is off to a rough start but have one of the toughest schedules of the season.  This week they will face their first Schuylkill County team, Blue Mountain (Last weeks rank 13)

14) Minersville (0-2) -  Tough start for these guys who are searching for their first win.  They have a tough 2 weeks coming up against Marian Catholic then Mahanoy Area. (Last weeks rank 14)