Sunday, September 28, 2014

Four Suspicious Fires Within Two Hour Timeframe in Shenandoah Early Sunday

Four fires had firefighters busy in Shenandoah early Sunday.

Four fires are being called suspicious after all of them occurred within a 2 hour time frame from each other in Shenandoah.

The first fire was called in just after midnight on the 200 block of East Lloyd Street.  The second, on the 100 Block of Coal Street around 1:15am.  The third, on the 300 block of East Centre St around 2:00am.  The fourth, on the 400 block of South Ferguson Street.

All three of the four locations were reportedly to be abandoned.  No word on the fourth.

Fire crews from all around the county were affected as they were either fighting a fire or moved up to cover a company that was at a fire.

Photo of 2nd Fire on Coal Street

Photo of 3rd Fire on East Centre.

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