Monday, September 29, 2014

What County is Ranked Most Obese in Pennsylvania?

Out of 67 counties in Pennsylvania,  Schuylkill County is ranked 8th in being most obese in the state. posted a list ranking all 67 counties to show which is the most obese in the state of Pennsylvania.

The ranking is from lowest to highest based on data for the percentage of adults that report a BMI greater than 30, which is considered obesity.

The data was collected by the National center for chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

Schuylkill County was ranked 8th in the state.

The top 10 went as follows

10) Columbia
9) Forest
8) Schuylkill
7) Susquehanna
6) York
5) Northumberland
4) Snyder
3) Bradford
2) Fayette
1) Cambria

Link to full ranking of all 67 counties

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