Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Schuylkill United Way is Working to Activate a 2-1-1 Database

The Schuylkill United Way is currently working on 211 system for Schuylkill County.

PA 2-1-1 is a statewide collaboration for health and human service information for Pennsylvanians through the statewide United Way of Pennsylvania. This easy-to-remember 2-1-1 phone number links PA residents with human services throughout Pennsylvania. At this moment, Schuylkill County residents do not have access to the benefits of 2-1-1 because the Schuylkill County database has not been populated and activated into the statewide PA 2-1-1 network.

The Schuylkill United Way is currently working to activate PA 2-1-1 for Schuylkill County. PA 2-1-1 will be a call in number that will refer individuals to an agency based on an internal coding process which matches caller need with agency service. In times of natural disasters, 211 can also be used for low level service needs, as opposed to all calls going directly to the emergency service 911 call line. The PA 2-1-1 operators are equipped and trained to assist with needs ranging from emotional well-being to heating assistance.

Nonprofit 501 c 3 organizations providing health and human resource services are welcome to fill out the Schuylkill PA 2-1-1 form, which is located on the Schuylkill United Website through the following link: Printed forms can also be mailed from the Schuylkill United Way offices to any interested agency who does not wish to provide information through the online link. Please contact the Schuylkill United Way at 570-622-6421 or email with any questions regarding Schuylkill United Way’s effort to activate 2-1-1 for Schuylkill County residents.

WBRE also did a story on the new system

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