Thursday, January 8, 2015

Update on Fire at North Schuylkill High School

Just before 1:00pm Thursday afternoon, fire personnel were called to 15 Academy Lane, Ashland, the North Schuylkill High School for a fire.

In an update from Superintendent Robert Ackell, he reported that the fire was contained to one area on the lower level of the building in one of the Industrial Arts Classrooms.

It was reported that debris got into and air vent causing the unit to smoke.

Students and staff were quickly evacuate and sent to the nearby elementary school.  When the building was deemed safe by fire officials, students returned to the main level of the building to get their clothing and belongings before being dismissed from the elementary school.

School will be closed Friday for students from both buildings.  

Any students that wish to pick up belongings left behind today and stop by the school from 6-7:30 Thursday evening to pick them up.

We would like to thank the students and staff for their cooperation, patience and assistance during this situation. Thank you!, said Superintendent Ackell.

Ashland, Butler Township, Frackville, and other surrounding units assisted.

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