Monday, March 16, 2015

SHARE THIS: Third Grade Class Asking for Postcards from Around the United States

A third grade class in the Tamaqua Area School District is asking for people from around the United States to send them postcards.

Jolene Barron's 3rd grade Social Studies Class at Tamaqua Area Elementary started learning about the different regions of the United States in January.  She teaches two classes totaling 60 students in all.

Although they discuss the different regions of the United States, they don't have time to go into detail about each state.  Barron came up with the idea to ask  via social media for people from each state to send them postcards with some information about each state.  They aren't asking for a long message, just something to share with the students.

In the end, the class will have postcards from all over the country with information they wouldn't have learned just from a text book, but from people who know and live in the states.

They ask you to spread the message so that it makes it's way to every state so they receive at least one postcard from every state.

Postcards should be sent to:

Mrs. Barron's 3rd Grade Class
Tamaqua Elementary School
490 Boyle Avenue
Tamaqua, PA 18252

Mrs. Barron has been teaching for 15 years and has been teaching at Tamaqua Area for 11 years.

UPDATE:  As of Friday, March 20th, the class had received 79 postcards from all over the United States.  Word of the project had even reached as far as Hawaii.

To follow updates on the project, head on over to  This link is being updated as the postcards come in.

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