Tuesday, March 17, 2015

PPL Sends Out Letters Asking for Personal Information, Is it a scam?

By:  Jay Skook

Did you receive a letter in the mail the other day from PPL asking for personal information?  Here are the facts about this letter.

PPL customers across the state recently received a letter titled "Option to Prevent Disclosure of Account Information".

The letter goes on to tell you that it provides customer information to licensed electrical supplier (Name, Address, Acct. Number, and usage information).  It also asks you to call or visit a web site in order to without information to these providers.

Customers began to get worried thinking this could possibly be a scam.  Recently customers have been scammed into switching providers by other companies.

WGAL out of Harrisburg recently investigated the letter and found out, that it is a legit letter from PPL and NOT a scam.

According to WGAL, Under state law, PPL is required to turn this information over to licensed suppliers that ask for it. But, the letter also tells customers that they have the right to withhold that information from suppliers. That means legitimate suppliers would not be calling you or sending offers in the mail pitching lower electric rates.

If you are a PPL customer and want to stay with them and not be hounded by other providers, follow the instructions in the letter to withhold your information

Link to story from WGAL

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