Tuesday, August 25, 2015

EDITORIAL: Is this a Photo of the Mass Grave Found in Schuylkill Haven?

In early August, a mass grave, that is said to have held the remains of people who died of the 1918 Spanish influenza, was found during construction along Route 61 near Schuylkill Haven.

Since then, news agencies from across the country have been reporting about the discovery.  Somewhere along the way though the image to the left began circulating the internet and is said to be a photo of the grave.

Skook News' has been to the site and wanted to make clear that it was not from Schuylkill County grave.

We decided to do a little "digging" of our own and found what the photo is.

The photo is of an excavation that occurred in July and August of 2014 in Estepar, Norther Spain.  The bodies are 26 Republicans that were assassinated by fascists that belonged to Francisco Franco's Nationalists at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

While the image was shocking to see, we just wanted to point out the facts from this story.

In updated news, according to sources, only a few bones have actually been collected from the site.   No further collection has been planned at this point.

It was also reported that radar will be used to determine the amount of remains in the area.