Monday, September 21, 2015

Lego Bingo

Lego Bingo Scheduled

Lego Bingo

Sunday, October 25th ,2015

Doors open at 12 noon

Early Bird at 1:15pm

Bingo starts at 1:30pm

Admission $25.00

*All Players must purchase an admission ticket

*Winner receives their choice of Lego Kit

(Recommend age for kit’s vary from 3 to 18+ years of age)

*Advanced ticket holders will be entered in a drawing for an Lego Accessory .

* Special Raffle - Bring non-perishable food or paper products to get a chance for a special raffle –

one chance per non-expired item

St. Michael’s Church Hall

300 W Oak St , Shenandoah, PA

for tickets or info call 570-462-0809.

We cannot accept 50 or 100 dollar bill’s