Sunday, October 18, 2015

Schuylkill County Man to Be Charged for Shooting Outside Wal-Mart in Wilkes Barre Twp.

According to WNEP, the man who allegedly shot a rifle multiple times outside a Wal-Mart in Wilkes Barre Township Saturday was from Schuylkill County.

The man has been identified as Scott Sargent, 31, of Shenandoah.

Sargent was shot by police after they were called to the scene and shots were fire in the direction of law enforcement.

No officers were hurt but Sargent did undergo surgery for his injuries.

Sargent will be charged with 6 counts of attempted homicides once his condition improves.

The Wilkes Barre Twp. Wal-Mart was locked down for over an hour while the incident took place.

The incident is still being investigated and no motive has been determined.

Link to story from WNEP