Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Borough Announces All-Truck Restriction for Gordon Mountain Road

Photo of one of the incidents that occured at the bottom
of the Gordon Mountain
Gordon Borough has given an update on work that will be done to change and fix issues with the Gordon Mountain Road and Tractor Trailers.

According to Mike Rader of the Gordon Borough Council,

"The current 19 Ton weight limit will be changed to ‘No Trucks’. In addition to the posted truck restriction, significant pavement marking additions are proposed to remove the appearance, especially for unfamiliar drivers, that industrial destinations may be accessed beyond the Keystone Boulevard and Walmart driveway intersections. Additional directional signage will be included on I-81 northbound and southbound advising “Trucks to Gordon Borough Use Exit 116” (Route 901). Signage will be added on Route 901 northbound to prohibit trucks over 40 feet long from turning right onto Airport Road.

The implementation of the changes will be performed by contract in summer 2016."

The Gordon Mountain has been trouble for many years but recently in the fall of 2015, 3 tractor trailers lost control coming down the mountain in just as many days.

PennDOT and Gordon Borough have been working together to resolve and prevent further problems.

For more updates, residents can follow the borough's Facebook page at