Saturday, December 12, 2015

Over A Dozen in Custody After Drug Raid on Friday

(12/12/15)  On Friday, the Shenandoah Police Department along with other county, state, and federal agencies performed a drug raid in the borough.

The following individuals were taken into custody in the raid:
  • David Dross 800 W High St Frackville
  • Zandra Saunders 332 W Arlington St Shenandoah 
  • Christopher White 227 E Centre St Shenandoah 
  • Douglas Whitman 230 W Arlington St Shenandoah 
  • Diane Kutsko 24 N Union St Shenandoah 
  • Francis Kehler 24 N Union St Shenandoah 
  • James Perfidio 30 Millers Road Zion Grove
  • Zachary Yeakel 361 S West St Shenandoah 
  • Ashley Balsamo LKA: 243 Mount Olive Blvd Shenandoah
  • Marc Benjamin 302 W Cherry St Shenandoah 
  • Candice Malacusky 110 W Penn St Shenandoah 
  • Timothy McKerns, 103 E Pine St Mahanoy City 
  • Santonio Malone SCI – Camp Hill (already in prison)
  • Bruce Layton, Schuylkill County Prison (already in prison)
All the above except Kutsko have been charged with felony deliveries or felony possession with intent to deliver.  Kutsko was charged with a misdemeanor for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Drugs involved in all the arrests involved marijuana, meth, heroin, bath salts and prescription drugs.  
The following individuals were sought but have not yet been apprehended
  • Joseph Polaconis 301 W Coal St Shenandoah
  • Rachel Pleva 1115 Market St Ashland
  • Keith O’Connell 29 S Grant St Shenandoah
  • John Najunas, Jr 400 W Oak St Shenandoah
  • Tanya Bennett 732 Brock St Ashland
  • Jeffrey Najunas , Jr 236 N Jardin St Shenandoah
  • Robert Wentworth 9 N Bower St Shenandoah

The Pennsylvania State Police, Schuylkill County Drug Task Force, Agents from Office of Homeland Security, State Parole, Schuylkill County Probation/Parole, Shenandoah Police, West Mahanoy Township, Butler Township Police, Ashland Police, Schuylkill Haven Borough, Hegins Township, Frackville Borough, Tower City and Mahanoy Township Police all participated in Friday's raid.

Below are photos of those still being sought.  If you should have any information on these individuals, please contact your police department

Joseph Polaconis
Rachel Pleva
Keith O'Connell
John Najunas
Tonya Bennett
Jeffrey Najunas
Robert Wentworth