Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Rush Township Police Active Warrant List - December 2015

The Rush Township Police Department released the following warrant list as of 12/15/15.

Janette Aleksandrovic- 3 active warrants for theft related offenses. Also wanted out of Luzerne County.

Richard Bonney Jr. – Felony arrest warrant for retail theft

Thomas Bilsak- Arrest warrant for drugs

Pedro Manuel Crespo- Arrest warrant for DUI Controlled Substance

William James Corbin- Felony arrest warrant for manufacturing drugs.

Jonathan Creveling- Felony arrest warrant for Theft

Taryn Depos- Arrest warrant for Drugs

Matthew Eggler- Felony Arrest warrant for drugs

Brad Frye- Felony Arrest warrant for Trespass

Elliot Gaye- Felony Arrest warrant for Forgery

Michael Jevelle- Felony Arrest warrant for fleeing and Eluding, also wanted by other agencies for Felonies

Samantha McGeehan- Arrest warrant for Retail Theft

Tranelle Mann- Arrest warrant for Possession of Marijuana

Michael Pitta- Arrest warrant for Drugs

Zachary Pisanchyn- 2 Arrest warrants for Retail Theft

Jeffrey Weicicoskie- Arrest warrant for Drugs, also wanted by another agency

Valerie Weston- Arrest warrant for Drugs

Anyone who has information or knows the whereabouts of these individuals should contact the Rush Township Police Department at (570) 668-4242 or via their Facebook page at