Friday, January 1, 2016

Police Respond to Man Shooting a Gun Early Friday

Mahanoy City Police responded to the report of a man shooting a gun early Friday.

Around 1:30am Friday morning, Mahanoy City Police were patrolling when they found a woman in the middle of Catawissa Street trying to flag down police.

The woman stated that a man was inside 334 West Centre Street with a pistol shooting and threatening to shoot his wife, himself and anyone that came in the house. The woman identified the shooter as Francis Green.

Police responded to the residence and called for additional backup.

Police positioned themselves outside the home and while doing so seen a person in an upstairs window of the residence, who then ran to the back of the home when they saw police outside.

A woman inside the residence, Amanda Mooney then opened the front door and confronted police. When police attempted to enter the home, Mooney refused  to let them enter.

Family members reported to police that Green was on the third floor of the residence with a small child and when police attempted to go upstairs, Mooney attempted blocking police again.

One of the family members reportedly "tackled" Mooney to let police proceed to the third floor where they made contact with Green.

Green was taken into custody without incident.

While police attempted to clear the residence to investigate, Mooney again refused and stated that "Police would need to arrest her before she would leave because she lives there and is NOT going anywhere."

Mooney was then taken into custody.

Police questioned Green and stated that he did have a pistol and gave it's location in the residence. Police located the gun where Green stated it was. Located next to the gun lying on the floor was a loaded magazine and a live round on the floor, The firearm was described as a 9mm pistol and also found several other firearms.

A subsequent search of the area revealed (3) 9mm shell casings in the back yard consistent with witness statements and statements made by Green.

Green reportedly stated that "he thought it was ok to shoot the gun, because it was New Years Eve at 12:00am and everybody does that sort of thing."

Green also stated that when he did shoot the gun, he shot it towards the woods and the railroad tracks.

A records check of the 9mm, showed the Green did not own the gun.

After transporting Green and Mooney back to the station, a records check showed that due to prior convictions, Green and Mooney were banned from owning or possessing any firearms.

While at the station, Mooney stated that all of the firearms were hers and she was the one that had shot the gun.

Green has been charged with making terroristic threats, shooting a firearm towards a roadway, possession of a firearm when not authorized to, recklessly endangering another person, and disorderly conduct.

Mooney has been charged with hindering apprehension or prosecution, borrowing of firearms when prohibited, obstruction of law enforcement,

According to Mahanoy City Police Chief John Kaczmarczyk, both were arraigned by Magisterial District Judge Christina Hale and sent to Schuylkill County Prison unable to post bail.

Numerous police units aided Mahanoy City Police during incident.