Friday, April 29, 2016

Knoebels Opens For It's 90th Season Saturday

Elysburg, PA – It all started on July 4, 1926 with a carousel, a pool, and a few food stands. Fast-forward to 2016: 90 years later and Knoebels Amusement Resort still offers free admission, free parking, free picnic facilities and free entertainment. It is also still owned and operated by the Knoebel family. The resort in Central Pennsylvania has grown over the years to now include 63 rides; 35 unique food stands; a 900,000 gallon pool; two campgrounds; a golf course; and a plethora of gift shops, games and attractions.

Throughout the years, Knoebels has added both brand new attractions and classic rides of days gone by. Many visitors relish in the ability to experience amusement park rides of their childhood, or witness their children or grandchildren enjoying those same rides. Its classic wooden roller coasters have attracted visitors from all over the world, its new steel roller coaster appeals to the upside down thrill seeker in the family, and its 100+ year old Grand Carousel is consistently ranked among the finest. For some, the best ride at Knoebels is the food – It also consistently wins the industry’s top honors for best amusement park food in the world.

According to Knoebels’ public relations director Stacy Ososkie, this offseason, Knoebels has placed a heavy emphasis on bettering its current features.

“In general, there are three levels of improvements that are made at Knoebels,” said Ososkie. “One is a project like last season’s addition of Impulse – a brand new steel roller coaster near the entrance of the park was easily recognizable. The second is an upgrade that would be noticed by park enthusiasts who have memorized many aspects of the park, such as an upgrade to a well-known building or ride. The third is equally as important, but rarely recognizable by the public – that is adding infrastructure to ensure the future needs of the park can be met, and restoring structures or rides so that what we have now can exist for years to come.”

In addition to celebrating 90 years of family fun, a number of upgrades are being made to well-known structures in the park including its award-winning wooden roller coasters, its classic Haunted Mansion, and foods stands. Its laser tag game area will double in size and utilize new equipment, and the Galleon, a family pirate ship ride, will be replaced by a brand new version. The park will also host a record high of over 25 special events this season.

“Knoebels is proud to be a place all ages can enjoy, and is looking forward to the next 90 years,” added Ososkie.