Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lehigh Valley Health Announces new Schuylkill Medical Center President

On Thursday, the Lehigh Valley Health Network announced it's new President for the Schuylkill Medical Center.

LVHN introduce William Reppy as the new SMC president to union worked at the hospital Thursday morning.

“Now that SMC will finally be merged with Lehigh Valley Health network, we are breathing a sigh of relief.

And of course as members of the community ourselves, we want to make sure Schuylkill County has good, family-sustaining jobs so this area can grow and thrive. Over 250 of my co-workers and I have been working without a contract for over a year. We would like to sit down with Lehigh Valley Health ASAP and guarantee our family-sustaining jobs with affordable health insurance through a mutually-agreed upon contract.  

Now that we will officially be a part of LVHN, we look forward to addressing these challenges together. This merger presents an opportunity to make our hospital even better and we eagerly await the opportunity to sit down with our new President, William Reppy, to lend our unique insight and perspective into the integration process and build a contract that will strengthen healthcare and jobs in the region.” LVHN stated in a press release.

The merger between Schuylkill Medical Center and Lehigh Valley Health Network will be complete on Friday.