Sunday, February 19, 2017

High School Students Dance All Night to Raise Over $11,000 for Families Affected By Pediatric Cancer

North Schuylkill High School students danced all night long to raise money for families affected by pediatric cancer.

The ThinkBIG Cancer Fund was inspired by a pediatric cancer patient at Geisinger Janet Weis Children's Hospital. This amazing boy was Carmine Monacelli, a child who was diagnosed with a bone cancer in September 2011. In the conversations with him during his treatment, he always spoke about want he wanted to be when he grew up and how he always wanted to help people. One day he would want to be a marine biologist, the next day a WWF wrestler; he even aspired to become the Pope. Carmine was inspirational, never letting his positive spirit waiver in the face of his ongoing chemotherapy and radiation. His cancer eventually claimed his life in March 2012, but in the nine short years he was on this earth, he knew he wanted to make a powerful impact. He was wise beyond his years and filled with a philanthropic heart. He left a legacy of futuristic dreams and selfless caring…he left a legacy of “Thinking Big.”

North Schuylkill's ThinkBIG committee has been working on organizing an All Night Dance marathon for two years and on Friday night it all came together.

Over 160 students signed up for the event to dance and just have fun all night long.

The dance started at 9:00pm Friday night by kicking off with speaker Cassie Niglio, Mount Carmel's ThinkBig Coordinator, who has helped raise over $80,000 for ThinkBIG over 5 years of holding dance marathons.

Fox 56 also stopped by covered the event live for their 10:00pm newscast.

The students danced Zumba, played basketball and frisbee among other activities just to keep moving.

The marathon continued until 9:00am Saturday and concluded with speaker Dr. Colby Wesner, founder of the ThinkBig Cancer Fund and also speaker Larissa Monacelli, mother of Carmine,  and a final reveal that the event raised $11,002.06.