Thursday, March 9, 2017

Demolition Begins on Old Brewery; Work to Continue Through Weekend

The Demolition of the old Kaier's Brewery, Mahanoy City, began Thursday.

On Tuesday, demolition was scheduled for the building, but when contractors began to work on the structure, it became clear the entire building wasn't safe and could have fallen at any moment.

21 residents in a 3 block radius of the building had been evacuated and were being helped by the American Red Cross since Tuesday.  Streets around the structure were also closed and the Mahanoy City Fire Department was also on scene since.

Late Wednesday night, a larger crane to help tear down the building arrived.

Around 12:30pm, Thursday, contractors began to dismantle the former brewery, and the plan was to have the building leveled by mid afternoon.

But by 4:00pm, the top floor had it's exterior walls removed but the beams still stood.

By 5:00pm, crews used the crane to cut through the next to top level's beams causing the eastern side of the top floor to fall.  Bricks could seen falling from all sides of the building during the process.

By 6:30pm, the Mahanoy City Fire Department informed the press that the contractors would be stopping work for the day due to darkness and would pick up working again at 7:00am Friday.

Residents who were evacuated were hoping to be home this evening but will have to stay at a hotel for one more night.

At the end of Thursday, the Mahanoy City Fire Department turned complete control of the Kaier's project over to the contractors. The emergency aspect of the incident are now reported to be over. The area is still secured with private security hired by the contractor. The roads in the area will continue to be closed.