Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Women Face Charges After Fight Over Parking Spot

Two women face charges after a physical altercation over a parking spot.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police at Frackville, on Tuesday, around 8:30pm, Police were called to the 1300 Block of Walnut Street, in Ashland.

Police say Pauline Covine, 43, and Haley Becker, 23, both of Ashland began to argue over a parking space Becker has shoveled.  Covine's husband reportedly parked in the newly shoveled space and refused to move it.

Covine and Becker argued over the parking space until it turned into a physical altercation where both pushed, punched, and pulled each other's hair.

Both Covine and Becker will answer to disorderly conduct charges at Magisterial District Judge Christina Hale's office, Frackville.


  1. the jerk should have had some respect and not park in the space that was shoveled by someone else. This public domain is a load of crap. If you shovel an area you should be able to park in it!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!

  2. Why would someone take a spot know that someone schoveled it,,Respect that person

  3. I'd have put all that snow right back, on top of his car and then poured water on it, let him get his car out of that ice cube

    1. I think he should've been arrested too!

  4. Sounds like something that could happen around our house