Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Schuylkill Mall Tenants Receive Notice to Leave

Schuylkill Mall tenants were given information on their future Tuesday morning.

Tenants of the Schuylkill Mall have told Skook News that on Monday, they received a memo from Northpoint, the owner's of the mall. 

The memo was announcing a meeting that was to be held Tuesday morning at 11:00am in the Community room of the mall.

After the meeting this morning, tenants of the mall have now reported back us that they have been given 60-90 days to close their shops in the mall.

An official closing date of the mall was not announced.

We have reached out to several tenants for comments, we will update you when we receive more information from each of them.

UPDATE:  2:15PM - Stores located outside the mall are not included in this announcement.  They are to remain open at this time.  That includes McDonald's, Big Lots, A&A Auto, Holiday Inn Express, and Cracker Barrel.