Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Missing Teens Body Found Late Tuesday

(08/29/17) The body of a missing teen was discovered late Tuesday.

According to reports from officials, the body of, Cassidy Derr, 17, was found in a wooded area off old Route 209 in Schuylkill Township.

The Pennsylvania State Police are at the scene investigating and the body is to be taken to the Simon Kramer Institute, New Philadelphia for examination.

Derr was reported missing after she left a party early Sunday morning and has not been in contact with family or friends since.

According to reports Derr had attended a "mountain party" in a secluded area between Tuscarora and Brockton late Saturday, early Sunday.  After an argument, Derr left the party on her own.

When Derr made last contact with friends she reportedly told them that she was lost somewhere along Route 209 and heading towards Tamaqua.  The last message was at 7:51am Sunday.

Derr was also reported to be a Type 1 Diabetic.

More details when they are available.


  1. God Bless all the lost children and adults. Sometimes we just need to listen a bit closer. Maybe we could make a difference if we`d just listen. God, keep them all resting in your loving arms.

  2. I sad that it came to this. I can't believe no one saw this young lady walking on 209. My condolences to her family