Friday, August 18, 2017

Pottsville Police Issue Travel Advisory for Saturday's Car Cruise

Pottsville Police have issued a traffic advisory for Saturday's Car Cruise in the city.

Police say the following temporary parking restrictions will be in place:

  • The 300 block of S. Centre Street will be limited to parking for cruise registrants only between 9:00am and 5:00pm.
  • North Centre Street between Market and Laurel Boulevard, along with the Arch Street parking lot, will be closed to all vehicle traffic between 5:00pm and 8:00pm.  During this time period cruise registrants will be parking their vehicles in the area for spectators to view. 
In addition, motorists should be aware of extra traffic flow that will be present between 5:00pm and 6:00pm:
  • Vehicle owners choosing to participate in a procession will be utilizing two  simultaneous driving routes beginning at 5:00pom  to complete one of the following routes that will take them to the Centre Street parking area:
    • 1) North on Centre Street to Market, west (left) on Market to Westwood, north (right) on Westwood to West End, east (right) on West End to 18th Street, north (left) on 18th St to First Avenue, east (right) on First Avenue to Laurel, east (straight) on Laurel to Centre St. 
    • 2) North on Centre Street to Laurel, west (left) on Laurel to First Avenue, west (straight) on First Avenue to 18th Street, south (left) on 18th St to W. End Avenue, west (right) on W. End Avenue to Westwood, south (left) on Westwood to W. Market Street, east (left) on W. Market Street to third St, north (left) on Third St to Laurel, east (right) on Laurel to Centre St.
· **Vehicle operators participating on the driving routes must completely obey all traffic control devices in place, to include complete stops at all stop signs and traffic lights, as well as speed restrictions. Absolutely no burnouts are permitted.**

In the event additional parking space is needed after all of blocked Centre Street and the Arch St lot have been utilized, N. Progress Avenue between Market and Arch Streets may be closed to vehicle traffic and used as additional parking area. The southbound lane on Progress Avenue from Market Street to E. Norwegian will remain open.

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