Thursday, August 17, 2017

Schuylkill County Police Log for 08/17/17

Schuylkill County Police Log for 08/17/17

Two Cited for Violating Ordinance

On Tuesday, August 15th the Orwigsburg Police Department was called to the area of E. Market Street and Washington Street for individuals soliciting energy services. Citizen complaints indicated that the solicitors had engaged residents in heated verbal arguments that alarmed other members of the public.

Orwigsburg Police was successful in locating the alleged solicitors, identified as Melissa Knittle, 30, of Kunkletown, and Paul Mahalik, 21, of Middletown, and found that they had, in fact, been carrying out their business without first obtaining a peddling permit from the Borough.

As a result of this investigation, two individuals have been cited with violating the ordinance.


Man Wrecks Vehicle While Coasting Vehicle Downhill

According to the Pennsylvania State Police at Frackville, around 4:10pm, Thursday, John Schropp, 38, of Shenandoah was driving east on Market Street in Ashland when he ran put of gas.

Schropp told police he planned on coasting the vehicle down Market Street (a steep downhill grade), then take a sharp right onto southbound Front Street.

Because the engine was not running, there was no power steering nor power brakes.

As Schropp approached Front Street where a stop sign is posted, he was unable to stop nor turn adequately.

The vehicle crossed Front Street and impacted a steel cable style guardrail, then went partially over the guardrail and it's front end dropped off a steep roadside embankment.

He came to rest facing east, blocking Front Street completely, with it's front end entangled in the roadside guardrail and hanging partially over the embankment.

Schropp had been seatbelted and was not injured. No airbag deployed. The vehicle needed to be towed from the scene.

Assisting at the scene were the American Hose Company, Ashland Ambulance, and Steve's Towing.

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  1. according to a neighbor near by he didn't run out of gas he did a hit and run. the neighbors car had a good amount of damage to his on car and claimed he was in the other car and chased schropp were schropp was going to fast to stop for the the stop sign and turn at the bottom of the hill. this is what the neighbor is claiming and i think i might believe it sense why would you drive/coast away from the direction of a gas station.