Thursday, August 17, 2017

Two Facing Theft and Drug Charges After Cell Phone Incident

Two people are facing theft and drug charges after incident where a cell phone was stolen.

According to Ashland Police, on Tuesday August 8th, 2017, around 7:00pm, Ashland Police were dispatched to the 300 block of Middle Street Ashland for a reported disturbance.

A woman told police that about an hour prior that she was at 1419 Market Street with her aunt, another relative, and a male and female, and stated they were there fixing the property up.

The victim then stated after everyone left the property she noticed her phone was missing.

After not being able to find her phone, the victim stated she began driving around looking for the phone, but was unable to locate it.

The victim then stated after searching for the phone she went to the 300 block of Middle Street, and upon doing so discovered the male and female who were at 1419 Market who were later identified as Michael Allen Farver and Kayti Marie Garbacik,

The victim then stated she questioned both Farver and Garbacik about having the phone, and during this time both Farver and Garbacik allegedly started an altercation with her and then took off.

The victim then provided police with the address for the two, which was 1001 W. Centre Street.

Police made contact with Farver and Garbacik, and the two admitted to being at 1419 Market Street, however denied having the phone.

Garbacik allowed officer to search her purse, the phone was not found but Garbacik was found in possession of a smoking pipe which had burnt marijuana residue.

After speaking with Farver and Garbacik, police were approached by a female that stated after the reported theft Farver came up to her apartment and he had possession of a black phone which fit the description of the phone that was taken.

She also stated Farver was in the process of selling this phone that he had, and she believes he was also in the process of changing the phone number. The woman gave police a piece of paper that Farver had left on her table, and on the paper was a new phone number.

While following up with the victim, she stated she contacted her cell phone service provider.

During this time the victim found the phone number to her phone had been changed not long after the phone was stolen.

The service provider gave the victim the new phone number, which she gave to police.  The woman from the apartment and new number given to the victim matched.

With this new information, police went back to 1001 W. Centre Street in order to make second contact with both Farver and Garbacik.

Once back at 1001 W. Centre Street, Police called the new phone number from the Ashland Police Department Cell phone.

During this time the phone just rang, and there was no answer, Then, right after making this call, police were approached by Garbacik who was exiting her apartment.  Farver was found walking south on North 10th Street.

The Officer then advised both Garbacik and Farver about the new information, and asked once more if they knew anything about the stolen phone.

Farver was charged with theft, receiving stolen property, and being in possession of a controlled substance.

Garbacik was charged with receiving stolen property, and being in possession of drug paraphernalia.

Both Garbacik and Farver still denied having the phone or taking it.

Police then called the new phone number once more, and during this time the phone went straight to voice mail as if it was now shut off.

The officer then took both Garbacik and Fanær into custody for further questioning, and secured the two in separate police vehicles.

After separating the two, Garbacik started crying and then admitted to both her and Farver taking the phone.

Garbacik also stated after taking the phone she gave it to Farver, but did not know what happened tot he phone after that point.

Police then transported the two to the Ashland Police Station.

Once at the station, Farver was found in possession of a clear plastic baggie which contained a white powdery substance that was field tested as suspected heroin.

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