Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Trailer Released for Local Horror Film That Caused Police Response During Filming

The trailer for a movie filmed locally that caused a police investigation has been released.

Back Road is an independent horror film made on a limited budget in the backwoods of Barnesville Pennsylvania and is the directorial debut of Drew Pizzo, of Barnesville.

The filming of the movie prompted a police investigation in late August when some of the remnants of a scene were found near a body of water near Shenandoah.

Link to story on police investigation

Pizzo learned of the investigation through news reports and contacted the State Police to explain what happened.  The Pennsylvania State Police later reported that no criminal activity took place.

Pizzo describes the movie synopsis as "The countryside goes to hell when a group of adult delinquents embark on a road trip for a fun fourth of July celebration. The vacation comes to a halt when they cross the path of the psychopathic back woods residents. Who will survive this vomit inducing degenerate masterpiece that will leave you breathless…"

The film stars Rachel Keefe, Erik Searle, Jason Maga, and Megan Mcgullam. Thomas Smith (executive producer/ co-founder of Sick and Twisted Cinema) also worked on the film and Matthew Scroger (SFX/ executive producer) is responsible for the special effects.

Local businesses helped in filming locations and prop placement including Rodnicks Discount Grocery, Dutcavich Funeral Home, Guers Brewery, Pat Garrett’s Sheepskin Store, along with Product Placement from Buffalo Brewing Company.

"Back Road is meant to be a love letter to the horror genre especially the grind house days when films were X Rated for violence and gore.. My goal was to give fans a taste of horror pushes their boundaries, from the context of the film to the brutally realistic gags. Back Road is so degenerately SICK, TWISTED, and BRUTALLY RAW it wouldn’t pass rating by the MPAA, and we wouldn’t want them to cut it the hell up anyway. " notes Pizzo.

Below is the trailer the film (NSFW Warning)

Back Road will premiere in 2018 at several Film festivals around the country along with special midnight screenings and drive-in premieres. Due to the content of the film, it will be released with a special X RATED. 

For more information on the film

Sick and Twisted Cinema Facebook Page

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