Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pearl Theatre Shows Final Movies

On Monday evening, a handful of customers and current and former employees gathered to say goodbye to Pearl Theatres at the Schuylkill Mall.

According to a press release, The Pottsville Parking Authority and Schuylkill Mall Theatre, LLC, announced last week the signing of a letter of intent that creates the framework to bring a theatre complex to the City of Pottsville. The letter formalized the steps necessary to enable the Pottsville Parking Authority and Schuylkill Mall Theatre Owners to seek financing and finalize the many details of the project.

The overall project, located at the site of the Mahantongo Parking Deck, will include a 27,000-square foot theatre complex containing eight screens, 680 seats, a bar, concession area, restrooms, as well as elevator and escalator access to the state of the art facility. The project will also provide approximately 240 parking spaces, for use by businesses, visitors to Pottsville, the famous Yuengling Brewery and theatre guests.