Thursday, February 15, 2018

Two Dogs Rescued After Being Abandoned in Home

Sgt. Dillman offers water to dogs recovered
Police are investigating an incident where two dogs were abandoned at a home in Valley View.

According to Hegins Township Police, on February 14, 2018, they responded to a citizen complaint for animal abandonment at 1323 W. Maple St., Valley View.

Sgt. Matthew Dillman prepared a search warrant and police, assisted by Cruelty Officer Bridget Barder, of Ruth Steinert SPCA, executed the search warrant at the residence.

Two dogs, one of which was very emaciated, were recovered from the residence.

Inside of the residence was urine on the floor, piles of fecal matter, and no water available for the dogs to drink.

Ruth Steinert SPCA is in custody of the dogs and are being cared for.  Police are still investigating the incident.

Photos Provided by Hegins Township Police

Sgt. Dillman leads out a dog that was recovered

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