Friday, March 16, 2018

Armed Masked Suspect Robs Saint Clair Wal-Mart; Steals Thousands of Dollars in Computer Equipment

Police are looking for a suspect that stole thousands of dollars in computer equipment form the Saint Clair Wal-Mart.

According to Saint Police Chief William Dempsey, on Thursday morning around 3:40am,  an employee at the Saint Clair Wal-Mart attempted to stop an individual near a store exit who was attempting to steal products. 

The suspect pulled out a handgun in view of the employee then left the store.

The suspect fled in a white Chevrolet Venture mini van with a white ladder rack on the roof.

The emblems on the vehicle were covered by what appeared to be a grey primer paint.

Approximately $6,500 worth of computer routers, hard drives and other electronics were stolen.

Anyone with information can contact the Saint Clair Police Department at 570-429-2240.

Photo of Vehicle

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