Sunday, April 8, 2018

Former Drummer for Boston Bringing Tour to Schuylkill County

A former drummer for the band, Boston, is bringing his tour to Schuylkill County in May.

During the late 1970’s, amidst the disco revolution that swept the music industry, radio airwaves were filled with the progressive rock sounds of Styx, Journey, REO Speedwagon and others. In 1976, it was a hit song “More Than A Feeling,” and a debut album which to date, has sold 25 million copies worldwide, making the group named Boston a phenomenon. Now, nearly 45 years later, their music has firmly established the act as one of the most influential bands ever in rock and roll music. 

Jim Masdea, former drummer of Boston laid down the percussive foundation, and feel of that initial 4x platinum album on Epic Records. His grooves were again featured on Boston’s “Third Stage“ (MCA Records – 1986) which included the Masdea instrumental composition “A New World,” in addition to performing on the concert tour, in support of that release. 

On Saturday, May 5th , Jim Masdea will bring his ‘Habitual Ferocity Tour 2018’ – TriMount: Before Boston, at Gordon Borough Hall, Gordon. Featured will be Jim, as drummer / percussionist performing hits from the BOSTON debut album…plus new original material, which features multi-talented instrumentalist Masdea on piano and guitar. He will showcase material as it was developed from 1969-76, and provide a look into the creative process of making the demo recordings which went on to become Boston’s biggest success. 

According to Masdea, “The TriMount show will take you back in time, to relive the music, as it was originally conceived and developed by me, Brad and Tom.”

Tickets for the show… $15.00, now available at Showtime- 7pm (doors open 6pm).