Thursday, May 10, 2018

Students Write Letters and Collect Donations for Actively Deployed Soldiers

On Wednesday and Thursday, first grade students at North Schuylkill Elementary wrote letters and donated items for actively deployed troops.

The project was organized by the local BB&T bank branches as part of their annual community-based lighthouse project.  Ashland, Shenandoah, and Mount Carmel branches all participated.

On Thursday, representatives from BB&T worked with Jordann Bridy, Cheryl Cooper, and  Caroline Schuster's first grade classes.

Bank representatives explained why the project was important and how the packages were being sent to the soldiers in the country of Jordan.

Each student wrote a letter to a soldier thanking them for their service.  In all, 80 packages will be assembled from the donations provided.

The items donated included nonperishable food items, stationary items, cards, chapstick, sunscreen, baby wipes, eye drops, and monetary items like Visa Gift Cards to be used for supplies and postage.

Students from Shenandoah Valley, also participated in the project.