Friday, August 10, 2018

Ashland Borough Council Meeting Notes - 08/08/18

On Wednesday evening, the Ashland Borough Council held their monthly regular meeting.

During the meeting, Ordinance #643 was approved which amended Ordinance #590 which regulates parking and towing in the borough.

Sections 9 through 11 of the ordinance were replaced with the following


It shall be unlawful and a violation of the provisions of this Section of this Ordinance, for any person to cause, allow or permit any motor vehicle to be parked upon any street or highway within said Borough, at any time when there are displayed in the immediate vicinity, posters or signs stating thereon “No Parking - Temporary Police Regulation,” or language substantially similar. No parking shall be allowed upon the side of the street where such signs are displayed or posted so long as such signs or posters remain thereon.


Parking spaces for persons with disabilities shall be established on the public streets and roadways of the Borough of Ashland.

Rules and Regulations for obtaining parking spaces for persons with disabilities will be established by the Council of the Borough of Ashland and amended by Resolution at any time Borough Council deems necessary.

A.  No person shall park or leave unattended a vehicle at any place specifically reserved for handicapped parking, unless the parked vehicle has a state issued plate or placard (displayed in a conspicuous manner) for a handicapper person, and is being used in the immediate service of a handicapped person. 

For the purpose of this section, a reserved handicapped parking place must be indicated by a PennDOT approved sign with universally accepted handicapped symbols. Each sign must indicate that a state issued placard or plate must be displayed at all times while parking in the space.


The Borough of Ashland does hereby establish the following controls and regulations of the parking of motor vehicles on the streets, alleys and roadways within the Borough of Ashland.

A. No vehicle shall be stored upon any street. As used herein “stored” shall mean the parking of a vehicle in one place upon any street continuously for over seventy-two (72) hours.

B. No person shall park or leave on the streets, highways, or public property of the Borough of Ashland any vehicle without a current inspection sticker unless the vehicle is legally parked in front of, or in close proximity to, an official Pennsylvania State Inspection Station which identifies said vehicle by work order specifying a state inspection will be performed Within twenty-four (24) hours. Additional work orders beyond the initial twenty-four (24) hour period are prohibited.

C. No person shall park or leave on the streets, highway or public property of the Borough any vehicle without a current registration plate.

D. No vehicle shall stand on any street or sidewalk for the purpose of greasing or repair work except in case of emergency repairs.

E. No vehicle shall be parked on any sidewalk or any designated pedestrian only designated walkway.

F. No person shall park a vehicle at any time in front of, or in such a position as to block entrance or exit by a vehicle from a garage or driveway.

G. No person shall park or leave any recreational vehicle, motorized or non-motorized, in excess of one ton Gross Vehicle Motor Weight, on any sidewalk, street, highway or public property of the Borough.

H. No person shall double park or park a vehicle on the traveled portion of the street, alley or roadway. This includes parking a vehicle more than ten (10) inches from the curb.

I. No person shall park a vehicle at any time in a Restricted Zone. Restricted zones include but are not limited to yellow line zones, permit parking spaces, parking too close to intersection, loading and unloading zones, clergy only zones, parking in crosswalks, and areas approved by Council as restricted parking areas.

J. No person shall park a vehicle at any time facing against the flow of traffic.

K. No person shall park a vehicle at any time improperly in designated metered parking spaces.

L. No person shall park a vehicle at any time within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant or in front of a fire house or across from a fire company.


Also at the meeting, the borough received a letter from the American Hose Company requesting the use of Memorial Field for their annual Chicken Barbeque on September 8, 2018.  The motion was approved.

Repository Property Sales were also approved for the following

 - 305 Chestnut Street – to Acorn Estates for $2,194.00 
 - 1227 Walnut Street – to Acorn Estates for $2,264.00